State Diagram
  • 26 Jun 2023
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State Diagram

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Article Summary

A State Diagram is commonly used to track states of an object and store operational data:

New SD .png

For example, State Diagrams in Corezoid can be used to track and manage various user states. Common user states that can be represented in a State Diagram include:

  • new
  • active
  • non-active

State Diagrams in Corezoid have the following capabilities:

  • accounting of object states;
  • storing data about objects in nodes;
  • retrieving data on objects using the CONV function;
  • no restrictions on the number of times it is applied in a process.

State Diagrams like processes work with data in tasks. To view tasks used in a State Diagram, you can switch to the View mode and select the specific node within the State Diagram:

SD task.gif

State Diagram allows using a limited set of nodes:

Node typeDescription
DelayIs used to introduce a delay in the execution of a task within the node. You can specify the desired time interval (delay) in the "Limit the time of the task in the node" field
ConditionIs responsible for processing task data using conditional operators such as "if...then...". It allows you to make decisions and control the flow of tasks based on specific conditions
Set StateEnables you to track and manage the states of objects within your State Diagram. It can store operational data related to the objects and facilitate state transitions based on specific criteria
CodeIf you find the available node types limited, you can use a Code node to write a custom code than will be applied to a task in a State Diagram
Copy taskAllows you to copy a task from one process to another without interrupting the original process
Modify TaskAllows you to modify a task in another process by reference
Set ParametersAllows you to add new parameters or modify existing parameters within tasks. It also provides the ability to apply various functions to the parameters, allowing for data manipulation and transformation
QueueAllows you to store data in a node

The process of creating and debugging a State Diagram is similar to Process creation and debugging. You can use the same tools and techniques to design and test the flow of tasks within the State Diagram.

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