Release Notes 5.10
  • 28 Oct 2022
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Release Notes 5.10

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October 28, 2022

The following features have been implemented in Corezoid 5.10:




  1. You can now escape the "|" vertical line symbol in CSVs by putting it in quotes.

If there is a task parameter that contains the "|" vertical line symbol, it will be put in quotes to escape the special character. This measure will enable uploaded CSV files that contain vertical lines as separators to be parsed correctly.


  • String
    Was: contain | vertical bar
    Now: "contain | vertical bar"

  • Object
    Was: {"key":"contain|vertical bar"}
    Now: "{""key"":""contain|vertical bar""}"

  • Array
    Was: ["one","contain|vertical bar"]
    Now: "[""one"",""contain|vertical bar""]"

2. is_deployed (boolean) and undeployed (integer count of undeployed child processes) parameters were added for project/stage/folder method of the list type.

  1. immutable: true parameter was added to the type:list, obj:path_to_folder method to specify whether the Stage is immutable.
  2. The immutable parameter for Stages was added to the Project creation request. The type:create, obj:project project creation request was changed such that the stages parameter is now sent as an array of objects that contains title (Stage title) and immutable (whether the Stage is immutable) parameters.

Native Functions
5. Map and Filter Erlang functions was added for Set Parameters node.

  1. The ability to specify a time zone was added to the $.unixtime() function which you can call from Condition, Copy Task, Call Process, API Call, and Set Parameters nodes. For example, $‘Europe/Kiev’) returns the current time in Europe, city of Kyiv.

Library Update
7. The moment.js library was updated to version 2.29.3. The library has backward compatibility with the old version.

8. The context menu in a Workspace was changed to a drop-down menu accessible when clicking the root folder name:


  1. The ability to copy direct URLs of aliases in Stages from UI was added.

  2. Description for the Sync API “401 Unauthorized” error was added.

  3. A confirmation window will now appear when a user presses the Remove task button:

image.png image.png

The window will also appear when pressing the Remove all tasks button.

  1. The Condition node’s Condition tab and Add parameter button were renamed to Condition Block and Add condition respectively:


  1. The following changes were made to Mode parameters - Keys option in the Parameters tab of the Reply to Process node:
  • Code editor was removed;
  • Add key-value button was renamed to Add key;
  • Values will be determined automatically based on the parameters set in the Key fields:

reply 2 proc new.gif

  1. Code editor was updated and now correctly displays errors and works with code written in the following programming languages: JS, Python, Go, PHP, Java, Erlang, XML, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL.

  2. When the Sign the request by secret key box is selected in API Call node settings, Add system parameters to the request box will be automatically checked:

sign the request.gif

When both checkboxes are checked a user can’t uncheck the Add system parameters to the request box before unchecking the Sign the request with the secret key box.

  1. The description of Basic settings in Copy Task node was changed to “Alias or process to which you want to copy the task”:

copy task change.png

In Modify Task node, the description was updated to “Alias or process in which you want to modify the task”:

modify task change.png


  1. An nvp formatted response will now be sent as a reply to a client nvp request when“application/x-www-from-urlencoded” content-type is specified.

  2. Fixed a bug that caused a user belonging to several groups which have access to a process/processes to lose access to that process/processes after one of these groups was deleted.

  3. Fixed a bug which caused an alias to be created without a name when sending "type": "create", "obj": "alias" API request without the “title” parameter.

  4. Fixed a bug that occurred when a user downloaded a process that contained an API Call node when a public URL with dynamic parameters was specified in the API Call node URL.

  5. Fixed a bug that caused an error message not being displayed after an invalid file was uploaded.

  6. Fixed the data retrieval mechanism: an empty task is now processed as an object ({}) instead of an array ([]).

  7. Fixed the cancellation of a file upload in upload master.

  8. The Active and Paused modes now work correctly when a task loops inside a process.

  9. Fixed the process history display: “create node” operations will now be displayed in the history.

  10. Fixed the “Customize response parameters” feature in the API Call node.

  11. Fixed a bug that occurred when after deleting a user, that user’s object ownership rights did not transfer to the Superadmin.

  12. Fixed a bug which caused process links to aliases to fail to update after the project was uploaded to another company:

Alias link.png

  1. Fixed a bug which caused the whole chart to be removed when deleting its name in the chart editor using Backspace.

  2. Fixed the “User has no rights” error that occurred when a user that was granted project rights tried to edit an alias.

  3. Fixed a vulnerability to stored cross-site scripting in the Name field of the Users&Groups section that occurred when calling the “show users” method.

  4. Fixed a code injection vulnerability in the Restore Trash info window.

Private Cloud and On-premises Hosting Type

Include all the features/improvements/fixes of and:


Superadmin Menu

  1. The “worker_float_decimal_count” parameter was added to the Superadmin Menu, which allows configuring the number of digits after the comma for processing variables in tasks:


  1. The ability to enable the "Add system parameters to the request" parameter by default for API Call nodes was added to the Superadmin menu:

API Call-Add system parameters.png


  1. The replace_schema_values parameter was moved to config, which allows users to leave the public URL unchanged in API Call nodes when performing an upload operation.

  2. The ability to enable SHA 256 and SHA 512 user password encryption was added to the capi.config file.

5. The ability to configure the method for company creation using the companies_manager: mapi | corezoid_internal parameter was added.
This option enables a user to create a new company in Corezoid without providing their phone number and entering an OTP password. With this option selected, the user only needs to enter a new company name and save it.


  1. Fixed an error which caused a folder to be duplicated when a user shared it with all users/groups.

  2. Fixed a bug that occured after a new user was added to a group: the new user was redirected to a workspace instead of the User group when clicking on the invite link.

Multitenant-True Environment

Includes all the features/improvements/fixes of and:



  1. Added company ownership rights transfer to an admin after a company was created and the admin received the invite. If user authorization via SAML is enabled for the company, ownership rights will be transferred right after a company is created.

  2. Unified the view of user list and its operations (block, activate, reinvite etc.) for Superadmins in the Users and groups section:

unified buttons.png


  1. Fixed an error which caused the SAML SSO login to fail when a metadata file with 2 certificates is deployed to Corezoid.

  2. Fixed the order_field parameter validation in the show:sys_stat method.