Outer Graph
  • 20 Oct 2023
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Outer Graph

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Article Summary

In the Outer Graph section, a workspace owner can configure their company card and publish it to the Outer Graph for interaction with clients and partners:

Outer Graph high main.png

Outer graph menu

With an Outer graph added, you can use the following section menu settings:

Outer Graph high 3.png

  1. Text field for entering search phrases and performing search in Outer graphs, and the field for selecting categories (3) to filter Outer graphs by.
  2. Publish Company - click this button to create and configure your Outer graph, and publish it in this section.
Permissions for publishing a company

To publish a company, the user must have the following permissions:

  • Company_communications:management: To publish a company.
  • Company_communications:readonly: To access the section with published companies and connect to other companies.
  1. Categories of a published Outer graph by which you can filter the display of Outer graph cards in this section.
  2. Connect - click this button to open a widget for interaction with users.
  3. Recently published - on this default tab you can see all recently published Outer graphs.

Creating and configuring an Outer graph

To create and configure an Outer graph, click Publish Company. In the actor creation menu, the following parameters are available:

outer graph configuration menu numbered.png

  1. Add, replace an avatar for your Outer graph or set the avatar color.
  2. Enter an actor name for your Outer graph.
  3. Expand or collapse General information and Communication menu subsections.
  4. Description (optional) - text description for your Outer graph.
  5. Tabs - Fields and sections and Actors Card tabs of the menu. On the Fields and sections tab (opens by default), you can configure Outer graph settings.
    On the Actors Card tab, you can:
  • configure an avatar for your Outer graph card
  • add account values to be displayed on the Outer graph card
  • enable and disable the display of the indicated categories on the card
  • configure the card's opacity
  • preview the card settings by switching the Preview toggle in the upper right corner:

Outer Graph Actor Card.gif

  1. Site URL - specify your company site's URL for users to access.
  2. Categories - enter categories for your company's description that help users find your company in general search. You can indicate up to 5 comma-separated categories for a graph card.
  3. Widget - select a widget via which users will interact with your company. Inside the widget, you can build a logic to process requests, display forms, etc.
  4. Private - Public switch - use this toggle control to switch between Private (Outer graph is not visible to Simulator users) and Public (Outer graph is visible to all Simulator users) modes of your Outer graph display.
Configuring Outer Graph for Simulator In-House

To configure Outer Graph for Simulator In-House, you have to add the simulatorCloudUrl: 'https://admin.control.events/' field to the config file.

  1. Save - click this button to save your Outer graph configuration.

Publishing an Outer graph

After you've configured your Outer graph and clicked Save, you can publish or make it visible to all Simulator users. If you selected Public in the Private - Public toggle control of the Outer graph creation menu your company graph will be published automatically after you refresh the page in your browser:

Outer Graph published high.png

If after configuring your Outer graph in the graph creation menu you've left the Private - Public toggle in the Private position (default), your Outer graph will not be published and won't become visible automatically. To make it visible, switch to Public in the upper right corner toggle control and refresh the page in your browser:

Outer graph saved unpublished high.png

Connecting to an Outer graph

Clickin Connect on the graph card starts a widget that you've selected when creating your Outer graph:

connect widget.gif

After you've clicked Connect on any published Outer graphs, the additional Connected tab appears in the upper left corner of the section window. On this tab, all Outer graph that you've connected with are displayed:

Outer Graph connected.png

Editing an Outer graph

To edit an Outer graph that you've configured and saved in the Outer graph creation menu, click the Edit Company button that is displayed in the upper right corner of the section menu:

Outer Graph published edit high.png

In the Outer graph edit menu which is similar to the creation menu that appears, change your graph configuration and click Save to save the changes. Then refresh the browser page to update the graph card view.

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