• 28 Feb 2024
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Article Summary

On the Invites page, you can:

  1. Find an invitation.
  2. Filter invitations.
  3. Invite a user.
  4. Perform additional actions on an invitation.


Find invitation

To find an invitation, in the Search field of the Invites page, enter the needed user name or ID, and in the list that appears, select the user you are looking for.


Filter invitations

To filter invitations by user roles:

  1. On the right side of the Search field of the Invites page, click + Add filter.

  2. In the filter list, select the needed roles checkboxes and click Apply.

The list of invitations with the selected roles appears on the page.


Invite user

Note: For more information, go to Invite user.

The invitation can have the following statuses:

  • Pending: The user has not yet accepted the invitation.
  • Expired: The user hasn’t accepted the invitation within the specific time frame.

Perform additional actions on invitation

On the Invites page, you can perform additional actions on an invitation:

Copy invitation URL

To copy an invitation URL, click the needed invitation, and then click the copy icon Copy%20icon4. The invitation URL is copied and the success message appears at the top of the page.


Remove invitation

To remove an invitation:

  1. Click the needed invitation, click the options icon Options%20icon4, and then click Remove.

  2. In the Remove invite confirmation dialog, click Remove.

The invitation is removed and doesn’t not appear in the invitation list on the Invites page.

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