P2P payments from card to card

Using VISA and MasterCard API kit, we have built prepared processes.

The common P2P scheme looks in following way:

This scheme is realized by core-process "Core".


1) Add your keys and all other required parameters in "Config" node of ["MAIN"] process (https://admin.corezoid.com/editor/103469/158898)--) replace variables in double braces (, etc.) by constant values.

Exactly this process is the beginning of P2P realization.

2) Add RSA Private key and CERTIFICATE Visa to all Visa process nodes where Visa API run is.

For this, highlight node, press Additionally

Paste RSA Private key in Sign the request by certificate field and CERTIFICATE Visa in empty lines between







All processes, where Visa API running is, are located in "VISA" folder.

Path to the folder: Examples -> P2P VISA & MC -> Core -> APIs -> VISA

Test data for Visa

    "address" : {
        "county": "San Mateo",
        "state": "CA",
        "zipCode": "94404",
        "country": "USA",
        "city" : "Dnepr"
    "receiver_name":"Dima 2",

For refund test you need to specify:

receiver_card = 4895142232120005


For full P2P MasterCard transaction scheme realization there has to be rework of such functional as:

  • Watch List Screening
  • Account Validation

In the current version of processes these steps are just ignored. (GO logic).

For both P2P scheme (Visa and MasterCard) on pretreatment step ("Prepare" - First process node "Core") there's "gag" - the parameters planned to get are setting up with CODE Logics Specified functional realization is in work. It would be updated with new version of processes.

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