Currency rates

Template process of getting VISA's currency rates.

Description of API Foreign ExchangeRates on the VISA website.

Select the "Set parameter" logic and fill the fields userID and password with username and password values from the VISA administrator panel

The next step is to select the API logic and expand the "Additionally" block,

You have to insert the private key and test certificate provided to you by VISA to the "Sign the request by certificate" module.

The key and certificate should be inserted in the following order:


After this you may go to VIEW mode and send a test request by pressing the button "Add task":

It should contain the following parameters:

  • sourceCurrencyCode - currency code of initial amount
  • destinationCurrencyCode - currency code which we want to convert the amount to
  • sourceAmount - amount

Once the parameters are filled, press "Send task".

Result of API operation:

  • destinationAmount - total amount after conversion
  • conversionRate - conversion rate

The template contains the URL of the sandbox. To get access to the operational environment it is necessary to refer to

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