Sending personal message to a subscriber on twitter

Create the Twitter application on web-site

After creation you will get the key (consumer_key) and password (consumer_secret) of your application.

For sending a message to one subscriber you should use Access Token и Access Token Secret.

You can get the keys on tab Keys and Access Tokens.

Process testing.

1) Clone the process of sending direct messages to twitter.

2) Go to the process and select the node “create signature”.

In the logic code, specify your signature parameters.

  • ver consumerSecret = your Consumer Secret (API Secret)
  • var tokenSecret = your Access Token Secret
  • var oauth_consumer_key = your Consumer Key (API Key)
  • var oauth_token = your Access Token

After entering the data, click “Save”

3) Go to the mode dashboard

Click Add task to add the request.

In the opened window specify the required parameters:

  • screen_name - name of recipient of your message;

(Attention! Your readers only can receive personal messages from you.)

  • text- message text for your recipient;

When all fields are specified, click on Send task.

If all fields are filled in correctly, your subscriber will receive the personal message:

If any parameters or data are not specified correctly, you will get an error message in the node Send DM other Errors:

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