Clone "WeatherBot" template

Connect to Telegram by specifying your Bot's key.

In order to receive Bot's key, there's a need to send /newbot command to chat with @BotFather. Then, specify the name and name of Bot's user. You will get:

Integration with OpenWeatherMap

For user's comfort, test access key for OpenWeatherMap API was added to WeatherBot template.

In order to receive your access key to OpenWeatherMap API, go to the link and register.

In Set APPID_key node replace test key by the one that you received in APPID_key parameter value.

What WeatherBot does

By /start command, it sends a message with Bot's information to the chat.

Receives city name or user coordinates, by it receives air temperature and sends a message.

In case is city or coordinates are specified incorrectly and also if there's an error occurred in process - it sends appropriate message.

Testing and launch

Just add your bot to the Telegram and start chat.

Go to View or Debug mode,

in order to receive request flow, its moving and distributing it by process nodes.

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