Clone "TwitterBot" template

Connect to Telegram by specifying your bot key

In order to receive Bot's key you need to send /newbot command to chat with @BotFather. Then specify the name and bot's user name . You will get:

Integration with Twitter

Create Twitter application on

After creation you will get a key consumer_key) and password (consumer_secret) of your application.

In Set twitter key & secret node, set received values of consumer_key and consumer_secret.

What TwitterBot does

  • By /start command, sends a welcome message to the chat

  • Receives search request that needs to be monitored in Twitter and sends to the chat all founded twits and retwits at the moment of request.

  • Further, once a day, searches for new and sends the list to the chat, if found

Testing and launch

Just add your Bot to Telegram and start chat.

Go to View or Debug mode,

in order ti see request flow, its moving and distributing by process nodes.

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