OAuth 2.0

Register in developer's community Force.com.

Go to the first page of settings

Create a linked application:

  • Fill out forms: Name of linked application, Contact email address
  • Next to Enable OAuth parameters add "tick"
  • In Callback URL-address field, add callback URL of your applications
  • In OAuth selected areas add all available
  • Press Save

You will get client_id (user key) and client_secret (user's secret).

Authorization code receiving

In order to receive authorization code, add request to address bar of the browser and follow the link:



{{client_id}} - user key of your application

{{callback_url}} - callback URL of your application

For example,


User who confirmed access, is redirected to URL specified in redirect_uri parameter with authorization code value in request string.

For example,


The user who confirmed the right to access at least once, will not have to confirm this right again.

Receiving access_token OAuth 2.0

Clone "OAuth 2.0" folder

Run the Get token process

For this:

  • Go to Debug mode

  • press Add task button.

  • in appeared window, specify required parameters:

    • callback_url - callback URL of your application
    • client_id - user key of your application
    • client_secret - user's secret of your key
    • code - authorization code , received in browser
  • after all parameters are specified, press Send task button.

Using access_token OAuth 2.0

In "OAuth 2.0" folder there's Get token process located and state diagram Token storage.

Get token receives access_token and transfers it to the "Token storage" state diagram.

Token storage keeps access_token, which allows to receive it from other processes using construction:


where, diag_id - your state diagram id. For example,


To receive state diagram ID, click on its start node.

All system information will be available in the right side bar.

To make sure that access_token is received, go to Debug mode of state diagram Token storage

Press Tasks archive of token node

You will see a received token inside of request.

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