Getting the temperature by city name - full description of API capabilities.

Process template for getting air temperature by the city name is accessible in the folder "Examples - Open Weather".

Process description

Process testing

To start working with the process, clone the template as follows

Go to dashboard and click Add task - to add the request.

In the opened window specify the required parameter:

  • city - city in Latin letters. For example, London

After the parameters of the request are specified, press the button Send task.

As a result of process work the request will be passing along the process and then will be transferred to one of the final states (red color node):

State Description Return variables
Success Temperature by city name received successfully `temp` - temperature
Error call API Error of API call OpenWeather `code` = 1 and error text
Error convert temp Could not convert the resulting temperature into a number `code` = and error text
Error - Not found city Specified city is not found `code` = 3 and error text

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