In order to read Gmail messages, clone folder Gmail into your environment.

Process description

System process

Generates regular signal to Reading process to get unread messages.

In the example - once in 10 min. (value is set in Wait node).


Gets unread messages and send its ID one by one to Message info to get more detailed information.

Message info

Gets unread information by message ID.

Forms parameters for notifications about new message:

  • message_text - text of the message
  • subject - message subject
  • from - sender
  • attachments - links to download attachments

Transmits data in Mark messages as READ process to mark message as read.

Mark messages as READ

Marks messages as read. And to be precise, removes "UNREAD" label from message.


1) Customize processes and get ACCESS_TOKEN, as it was written in OAuth authentication section.

On step 8 of instruction, create request for getting access_token with Reference = gmail

2) Copy state diagramm ID State token(ID_DIAGRAM) from the start node's information block.

You will need this value below.

3) In [System process] process ( set required values and press Deploy:

  • email - gmail address
  • token - construction for getting ACCESS_TOKEN from State diagram

4) In [Message info] process ( set logic for sending and processing the notification about new messages.

For example, in Sender through Sender form logic (available for process, placed in company)

5) Switch to View mode of [System process] process (, press New task, and then Add task.

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