Fusion Tables

Let's concider the example of saving data into Fusion tables :

  • Text
  • Number
  • Location
  • Date


For this we'll create Google Apps Script


Immidiately rename project in "Fusion tables" google

And turn on access to Fusion Tables from Google Apps Script google


Additionaly it's neccessary to go to Google Developers Console and turn on API mode for Fusion Tables google


After this, put the following code:

function doPost(request) {

  var table = "Insert ID Table";

  var content = JSON.parse(request.postData.contents);

  var column = "";
  var value = "";
  for (var elem in content) {
    column += elem + ",";
    value += "'" + content[elem] + "',";

  column = column.substr(0, column.length-1);
  value = value.substr(0, value.length-1);

  var sql = "INSERT INTO " + table
  + " ( " + column + ") "
  + " VALUES (" + value + ")";


  var sqlResult = FusionTables.Query.sql(sql);

  var result = {"result":"ok"};

  return ContentService.createTextOutput(JSON.stringify(result))

In variable valuetable replace text Insert ID Table by ID tables, which are required to copy as it shown below: google google

Script publication

Now let's publish our code as web-application with access for all: google

After publication we have an access to URL, where we need to send JSON with data for save using POST method. google

Names of the keys on JSON should match with Fusion Tables fields. In this particular case, JSON for sending to API will look the following way:


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