Make a copy of the folder "WeatherBot"

There are two processes in this folder:

  • Set Welcome Message - is used to set a welcome message for your bot.

  • WeatherBot - receives webhooks with a city name, get weather information from OpenWeatherMap API and sends answer to user.

If message does not contain city name or city name is entered incorrectly, or there re any other error in process, process send an appropriate message with error description.

Webhook install

1) Create Facebook page. Get it's Page ID.

2) Create Facebook application:

3) Add to your facebook application a new product - Messenger:

4) Open product Messenger settings, generate and copy Page Access Token.

5) Connect WeatherBot to Facebook Messenger. Click View details for this process, select tab Webhook and press button Connect to messengers.

Select Messenger and paste your Page Access Token. Copy Webhook (process URL for Facebook Messenger) and press button ОК.

6) Set Webhook for Facebook application.

Paste copied URL to the field Callback URL and paste page access token.

Specify events to subscribe and confirm changes.

7) Select page and subscribe webhook to this events:

Integration with OpenWeatherMap

There is a test key for OpenWeatherMap API in [WeatherBot template] (

In order to get your own OpenWeatherMap API access key, follow the [link] ( and register.

In Set APPID_key node replace test OpenWeatherMap API key by the one that you received in APPID_key parameter value

Testing and launch

Set Bot's welcome message

For this:

  • open your copy of the process Set Welcome Message
  • switch it to View mode
  • press button + New task to add a new task
  • enter required parameters:

    • access_token for your page
    • welcome_text, e.g. Hi! Enter city name to get the weather.
  • click Add task.

And next, just add your bot to Facebook and start chat

Switch to View mode:

in order to see request flow, their transit and node distribution process.

As long as your app is in development mode, its functionality and API will work only for administrators, developers and testers. After approval and publishing, your app will be available to the general public.

See more about approving your application on

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