Public objects search

For searching any public objects of Facebook social network, clone process template "The Graph API "Searching"".

Description of incoming parameters of process

  1. query - search request
  2. type - search request type

    • user - Facebook user name
    • page - Page name
    • event - Event name
    • group - Group name
    • place - place. With this parameter you can use additional: center (latitude and longitude) and distance (radius) How to fill in the parameters of this type of request: q=coffee& type=place& center=37.76,-122.427& distance=1000
  3. access_token - autorization key

    • for such types of searching requests as Page and Place you can use "App Token" = app_id|app_secret. For example, 7932301794081|76f2681c01df1d0c190bc6a503
    • for all other "User Token" types (it's generated in Facebook app settings)

Process launch

1) Switch to 'dashboard' mode and press 'add task' button - to add request.

2) Specify required paramenters in appeared window

  • query
  • type
  • access_token

3) After specifiyng all parameters, press button 'Send task'

Description of outcoming parameters of process

There will be parameter added in request in case of success

  • Result - an array of data with the result of the query

In case if API Facebook returns error, the request will go to escalation node and some parameters will be added

  • Code - error code
  • Type - error type
  • Message - error text

In the case of API Facebook call error the request will go to escalation node and parameter will be added

  • Code - error code

More details Graph API "Searching"

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