Archive of PrivatBank and NBU exchange rates

Clone process template to get archive exchange rates of PrivatBank

Go to dashboard and click Add task - to add the request

In the opened window specify:

  • date - date for which the rates should be received

Next, click on Send task - to send the request.

In case of success the following parameters are added to the request:

NBU buying rate:

  • buy_USD_NBU- US dollar
  • buy_CAD_NBU- Canadian dollar
  • buy_GBP_NBU- British pound
  • buy_CHF_NBU- Swiss franc
  • buy_PLZ_NBU- Polish zloty
  • buy_EUR_NBU- Euro
  • buy_RUB_NBU- Russian ruble
  • buy_XAU_NBU- Gold

NBU selling rate:

  • sale_USD_NBU- US dollar
  • sale_PLZ_NBU- Polish zloty
  • sale_EUR_NBU- Euro
  • sale_RUB_NBU- Russian ruble
  • sale_CAD_NBU- Canadian dollar
  • sale_GBP_NBU- British pound
  • sale_CHF_NBU- Swiss franc
  • sale_XAU_NBU- Gold

PrivatBank buying rate:

  • buy_USD- US dollar
  • buy_GBP- British pound
  • buy_CHF- Swiss franc
  • buy_PLZ- Polish zloty
  • buy_EUR- Euro
  • buy_CAD- Canadian dollar

PrivatBank selling rate:

  • sale_USD- US dollar
  • sale_GBP- British pound
  • sale_CHF- Swiss franc
  • sale_PLZ- Polish zloty
  • sale_EUR- Euro
  • sale_CAD- Canadian dollar

In case of error the request is transferred to the escalation node with the parameter:

  • Error- Error description

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