Clone "eSputnik - EMAIL" process into your enviropment

Description of process steps

1. Formation of the token - Set Parameter logic

2. Email sending - API eSputnik call

3. Checking the success of sending - Condition logic

4. Waiting 2 minutes before checking email status - Delay logic

5. Checking email status - API eSputnik call

6. Distribution by email statuses (delivered, failed, other statuses) - Condition logic

Description of process incoming parameters

  • login - login for
  • password - password for
  • from - sender's address (should match with one of existed in the system sender's addresses)
  • email - sender's email address
  • subject - letter's subject
  • plainText - message variant in form of simple text
  • htmlText - message's HTML-code

Process testing

1. Go to View mode

2. Press New task

3. Specify values of incoming parameters

4. Press Add task

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