Mandrill + callback

How to create an email template is described in p.2.1. Mandrill.

The process of sending an email

Clone process template (27682) for sending email through the API Mandrill.

Generate a link for getting a callback from Mandrill

In the node with the logic CALLBACK "Waiting for Mandrill callback to get final email status"

1) go to the edit mode of Logic CALLBACK

2) click on "Create callback url"

3) switch to edit mode of CALLBACK Logic and, in the field "Path to task ID", specify the following value "msg.metadata.task_id" and click "Save".

msg.metadata.task_id - is the path to a field in a request with callback from the Mandrill, on which the request will be updated in the process.

4) Click on the icon "Mandrill" and the link will be copied into the clipboard.

Add the received link to Mandrill settings for getting a callback - on the website Mandrill go to "Settings" - "Webhooks" and click "+ Add a Webhook"


  • Mark the event based on which Mandrill will send callback to corezoid
  • Insert obtained link in Corezoid in the Post To URL field
  • Add the Webhook name in the Description field
  • Click on Create Webhook

For testing the template of sending an email through the API Mandrill, go to dashboard and clickAdd task - to add the request.

In the opened window, specify:

Parameter Name Parameter Description
key Access key to API Mandrill
email To whom send
idTemplate template name in this example ** template **
user username that will be inserted into the template
day Day that will be inserted into the template

After the parameters of request are specified, click on Send task.

As the result, it will be the path of request through process and the transition in one of the final states (red node).

Before getting into the final state, the request may "freeze" in the nodes of the logic CALLBACK waiting for the response from Mandrill about the status of the email.

Instruction, how to add a link for unsuscribing from email and receive a callback with the corresponding status "unsub".

Editing Application

The parameters of the test requests can be added / edited in logic of API via the editor. Just click on Editor:

A full list of available parameters API Mandrill can be found here -

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