Sing up - one click registration. Point just your e-mail and password of account.

After registration, create a key of access to API mandrill which will be used in your delivery.

Create a letter template with template name which will be used in your email delivery.

Paste next example of template

Welcome *|user|*

today *|day|*

Mail sending process

Clone process template (3435) to send email through Mandrill API.

Go to dashboard mode and press Add task button - send task.

In appeared window, specify:

Parameter's name Parameter's description
key Access key for API Mandrill
email To whom
idTemplate Template name, it is **template** in example
user User's name which will be added to template
day Day which will be pasted to the template

After specifying task parameters, press Send task.

In case of successful email sending, task will go to Sent email state.

Task parameters editing

Test request parameters can be added/changed in API logic through editor. It's enough to press button Editor:

You can see the full list of API Mandrill parameters by this link -

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