New lead creation

For new lead creation Bitrix go to the link and clone the template of "Create new lead" process.

Description of incoming process parameters

  • portal - Your Bitrix24 portal that was specified with registration. For example, if the address of your Bitrix24 is, then portal name will be corezoid
  • title - new lead name

To create new lead it is required to specify it's name (title).

Value of other parameters is transferred to the API similarly:

  • fields[NAME] - new lead's name
  • fields[CURRENCY_ID] - currency
  • etc.

Parameters description on website.

Description of crm.lead.fields method "Getting fields of lead".

Process launch

1) For request authorization, paste your process ID what receives and keeps Bitrix access_token in value of auth parameter instead of "xxxxx".

Process description, that receives and keeps access_token

2) Go to dashboard mode and press Add task button.

3) In appeared window you need to specify the required parameters:

  • portal
  • title

4) After all parameters are specified, pressSend task.

Description of outcoming process parameters

In case of success the parameter will be added to the task

  • lead_id - ID of created lead

In case of error, task will go to escalation node and the parameter will be added

  • Error - error description

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