Transaction verification on antifraud

Process template for transaction verification on antifraud is available in "Examples - Antifraud" folder.

In order to start working with process, clone the template following way.

Go to dashboard mode and press Add task button - add task.

In appeared window, specify all required parameters.

After all task parameters are specified , press Send task button.

Result of work process will be the task moving through process and going to the one of end states (red color node).

In case of success returns:

  • action - result of transaction verification on antifraud
  • description - description

action possible values:

  • true - you can make an operation
  • decline - transaction declined
  • manual - transfer for manual processing (delay)
  • merchant_check - you can make an operation but there's a need to double-check the activities of the merchant.
  • merchant_block - decline of making operation and changing the merchant status to "blocked"

In case of error, task will go to the escalation node and next parameters will be added:

  • errorCode - 0001
  • __conveyor_rpc_reply_return_description__ - Error calling API. Repeat the request again if it necessary

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