State diagram

Uses for object state accounting.

For example, stets of users:

  • new
  • active
  • non-active

State diagram gives such opportunities:

  • object state accounting
  • object in node data keeping
  • receiving object data using CONV function
  • no limits for amount of tasks in process

In state diagram there is a limited logic set available:

Name of logic Description
Delay Time interval (delay) at which the task will go further thorugh process, is indicated and critical amount of tasks in the node - task limit
Condition Transition on the condition. Variants of conditions =, !=, <, >, regex
Set state Set state and waiting for its changes
Code Possibility to realize additional task processing logic in one of the languages (JavaScript, Erlang)
Copy task Copy task in a different process
Modify task Updating task in a different process
Set Parameter Set the parameter / change parameter's value in the task
Queue Realizing queue logic

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