Objects export / import


You can export Corezoid objects into json file.

In order to export the object from Corezoid 1. Select it and press Download. 2. Press to file in the notification of a successful unloading 3. Select folder and save file

file with the name of the format object_111111_1519247559.json will appear on your computer in specified folder, where

  • object - object type folder, conv (process or state diagram), dashboard
  • 111111 - object ID
  • 1519247559 - unload time (unix timestamp)

If the process has links to other processes, you must export the folder that contains the files.


In order to import object to Corezoid press Create → From file


Select json file with Corezoid object from your computer.

As a result, an object will be created in the current folder.

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