Call Process logic

Universal process call.

Call Process logic feature -

task "freezes" in the node until reply will not be recieved from called (universal) process.

To avoid task "freeze", process should be customized by following one of the recomendations:

  • return of called process reply should be customized in called process before every end node (successes, errors etc.) - Reply to Process logic
  • specify maximum time of called process reply waiting (Additionally -> Limit the time of the task in the node), at which task will go further through process by prescribed for such cases logic.

Basic settings

Process - selection of process from "process catalog" by its name or its ID.

+ Add "key-value" - button to add parameters required for successful call of universal process.

If universal process have incoming to it described parameters then if you select such process in Call Process logic, this parameters will be added authomatically.

Key - name of the parameter that income to the universal process

Value value of incoming to universal process parameter. May contain:

  • constant
  • {{parameter_name}} from task which value will be pasted
  • any system parameter of current process. For example, {{root.ref}} or {{root.task_id}}


Alert when there is tasks queue

Critical amount od tasks in the node.

Detailed description of logic work.

Limit the time of the task in the node

Time interval value at which task will go further through process in case if Call Process logic does not reply.

Errors processing:

When an error occurs, the process sends a request to the Condition logic node

и добавляет к заявке следующие параметры:

Имя параметра Значение Описание
`__conveyor_copy_task_result__` crash_api Ошибка отправки заявки в RPC процесс
`__conveyor_copy_task_result__` access_denied Нет доступа к указанному процессу
`__conveyor_rpc_return_type_tag__` rpc_task_fatal_error Ошибка отправки заявки в RPC процесс
`__conveyor_rpc_return_type_tag__` rpc_task_size_overflow Размер возвращаемых данных превышает 128kB
`__conveyor_rpc_return_type_tag__` rpc_task_wrong_convert_param Невозможно преобразовать переменные в указанные типы

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