Get from Queue logic

Getting tasks from process and node where Queue logic is added.

Get from Queue logic adds in current task:

  • __queue_task_id__ - task ID from node's Queue
  • __queue_task_data__ - json object of task parameters from node with Queue logic

Basic settings

Process - selection of process with Queue logic from "catalog", by its name or its ID.

Node - selection of node with Queue from dropdown list of nodes of previously selected process.

Take From The Begin Of The Queue receive task from queue starting with the first (the oldest)

Take From The End Of The Queue - receive tasks from queue starting with the first (the most "fresh")

In Process and Node it is possible to use dynamic values of task parameters. For example: - process ID, - node ID.


Alert when there is tasks queue

Critical amount of tasks in the node

Detailed description of logic work.

Limit the time of the task in the node

Time interval value at which task will go further through process in case if Get from Queue logic does not reply.


When errors appears, process sends task ti the node with Condition logic

and adds some parameters to the task, appropriate to the error:

There are no tasks in the node with API queue logic

Parameter name value
`__conveyor_get_task_return_type_error__` software
`__conveyor_get_task_return_type_tag__` get_task_executing_error
`__conveyor_get_task_return_description__` not_found_task

User does not have any access to the process with API queue Logic

Parameter name value
`__conveyor_get_task_return_type_error__` software
`__conveyor_get_task_return_type_tag__` get_task_executing_error
`__conveyor_get_task_return_description__` access_denied

There are specified process or node without API queue logic

Parameter name value
`__conveyor_queue_return_type_error__` software
`__conveyor_queue_return_type_tag__` queue_wrong_logic
`__conveyor_queue_return_description__` No queue logic in conv_id:

Invalid transferred process id or id or node for dynamic use

Parameter name value
`__conveyor_get_task_return_type_error__` software
`__conveyor_get_task_return_type_tag__` get_task_wrong_convert_param

Core error

Parameter name value
`__conveyor_get_task_return_type_error__` hardware
`__conveyor_get_task_return_type_tag__` get_task_fatal_error
`__conveyor_get_task_return_description__` Error running get task

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