Condition logic

Going by condition.

Key should contain variable's name.

Possible format:

  • parameter_name
  • {{obj.parameter_name}} if there's a need to compose with attached parameter. For example:
    • {{temp}} - get "temp" variable value from the task
    • {{main.temp}} - get "temp" variable value from "main" object
    • {{result.SUPPDOCUMENT\.CODE}} - get "SUPPDOCUMENT.CODE" variable value from "result" object

Const may contain:

  • Value which need to be compared with
  • which need to be compared with

+ Add parameter - button for adding additional condition in current (through "E")

+ Add condition - button for adding new condition

A few conditions in one node are executed as:

IF condition and condition and condition -> transfer
IF condition -> transfer
IF condition and condition -> transfer

Main reasons why the transfer On IF Logic is not working:

  • Register or parameter name is specified incorrectly. Example: parameter in task says “Phone”, in IF Logic it is specified as "phone".
  • Field type in task is specified incorrectly. Example:in task “Count”:10(Int), in block Go If Count=10(String)
  • Attempt to compare two fields content. Example: condotion “amount”==”limt” will not execute, because the system will perceived it as a constant, rather than name semafor_go_if_example

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