Delay logic

Used to delay the task in the node for the specified time.


Time interval (delay) is specified the field Limit the time of the task in the node.

After the time expires, the task goes to the specified node.

This value can be specified with:

  • exact number and unit of measurement - seconds (min 30), minutes, hours, days.

  • task parameter:

This task parameter must contain date/time in unixtime format. At the specified time the task goes to a specified node.

  • function $.unixtime() to get the Unix timestamp of the exact time

If the process is highly loaded, value 60 seconds for Delay logic is recommended

Example of a dynamic timer for each task

See an example, where:

  • variable date is converted to unixtime fo specifying in Delay logic (the format is DD.MM.YYYY hh:mm:ss)
  • variable offset_GMT is used to correct value to Corezoid server time zone.

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