Copy task logic

Allows to copy the whole task or just a part of task to an available process.

Nodes in the gray box are added automatically for error handling.

Basic settings

Process - selection of a process for copying from "tree of folders". It can be found by its name or its ID or using the {{conv_id}} (parameter of the task).

Reference - the reference of a new task that is created in another process.

New task reference can be specified by:

  • any system parameter. For example, {{root.ref}} or {{root.task_id}}
  • any other task parameter {{parameter_name}}
  • constant. For example, config, ref etc.

Copy all parameters - this option gives a possibility to copy all parameters to a new task.


Button + Add "key-value" - adding new parameter

Key - new parameter name

Value may contain:

  • constant
  • {{parameter_name}} from task, which value can be pasted
  • any system parameter. For example, {{root.create_time}} or {{root.conv_id}}

If Copy all parameters flag is enabled, it is not required to add new parameters.

Otherwise be sure to add at least one parameter.


Alert when there is tasks queue

Critical amount of tasks in the node.

Learn more about how it works here.

Limit the time of the task in the node

Time interval value at which task will go further through process in case if Copy task logic does not reply.

Learn more about how it works here.

Types of error

Internal system error when copying

Parameter name Value
__conveyor_copy_task_return_type_error__ hardware
__conveyor_copy_task_return_type_tag__ copy_task_fatal_error
__conveyor_copy_task_return_description__ Error running copy task
Parameter name Value
__conveyor_copy_task_return_type_error__ hardware
__conveyor_copy_task_return_type_tag__ crash_api
__conveyor_copy_task_return_description__ Error copy_task request
Parameter name Value
__conveyor_copy_task_return_type_error__ hardware
__conveyor_copy_task_return_type_tag__ copy_task_timeout
__conveyor_copy_task_return_description__ timeout for executing copy_task request

Not a unique reference

Parameter name Value
__conveyor_copy_task_return_type_error__ software
__conveyor_copy_task_return_type_tag__ not_unical_ref
__conveyor_copy_task_return_description__ not unical reference

Incorrect parameters

Parameter name Value
__conveyor_copy_task_return_type_error__ software
__conveyor_copy_task_return_type_tag__ wrong_validate_params
__conveyor_copy_task_return_description__ Param: <name>, Error: <error>

Failed to validate one of the parameters.

Failed to convert parameter

Parameter name Value
__conveyor_copy_task_return_type_error__ software
__conveyor_copy_task_return_type_tag__ copy_task_wrong_convert_param
__conveyor_copy_task_return_description__ Param: <name>, Value: <value>, Try convert to: <type>

For example, you parameter type is Number, but value is string or parameter is missed.

Inactive process

Parameter name Value
__conveyor_copy_task_return_type_error__ software
__conveyor_copy_task_return_type_tag__ conveyor_is_not_active
__conveyor_copy_task_return_description__ conveyor is not active

Process must be in the Active state.

Access is denied

Parameter name Value
__conveyor_copy_task_return_type_error__ software
__conveyor_copy_task_return_type_tag__ access_denied
__conveyor_copy_task_return_description__ user: <user_id>, conv_id: <proc_id>

User must have Task management access to copy task.

Task size overflow

Parameter name Value
__conveyor_copy_task_return_type_error__ software
__conveyor_copy_task_return_type_tag__ copy_task_size_overflow_limit
__conveyor_copy_task_return_description__ Your task size: <size> bytes, Max available task size: <max_size> bytes, Try to change your data or try to split your task

Maximum allowed size - 128 Kb.

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