Process - algorithm, process or program, realized with sequence, set or many of nodes.


Node - universal computational element (UCE), that describes object state.

Node has such characteristics as queue, functions, logic, counters.


f - request of appropriate function node(i)

F- every node get an appropriate function, that can be realized through human, API, code or other node

- counter, T-time of the oldest object in queue

Cn - amount of objects in queue

{Ci} - custom counters

Queue - queue of objects in node.

Object - set of parameters, characterizing the object. According to certain rules, there's an object's information processed in node - applying to object.

Functions - actions that must be to done on the object from queue in node. Functions can be in a form of API, program code,other process etc.

Logic - tools of logic's management in the node. May be systemic and user. System logic T - specified time of how long object can stay in the node. System logic N - specified amount of objects that can be in queue in node.

Counters - shows only value without any actions (unlike logic). Also could be systemic and user.

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