Built-in features of Bot Platform 2.0

Exchange Rates

It is the /exchangeRates (Dynamic Attachment) process located at Folders > Bot (v2.0) > Sample Bots.

Clicking the Exchange Rates button in the main menu at your bot shows a carousel with the current US Dollar rate to other currencies.


Changing the Conversation Language

It is the /changeLanguage process located at Folders > Bot (v2.0) > Sample Bots.

A bot offers a user to select the conversation language from the following options: en, ru, and ua. The user’s choice is saved in the User Profile state diagram to be used in the future for localization of the bot texts and attachments.

Sample Survey

It is the /sampleSurvey process located at Folders > Bot (v2.0) > Sample Bots > Sample Survey.

A bot offers to evaluate itself with the “Do you like this bot?” question and “Yes” or “No” answers.

The survey results are copied to the Results state diagram, where nodes are metrics of Results Dashboard. The Process, State Diagram, and Dashboard are in the same folder.


Connecting with an Operator

The Sender Action node with the following parameters: Actions > Category: "Widgets" + Robot: "Send Message For Bot Platform" provides establishing connections with Operators and routing messages from the messengers to chats with Operators.

Answers from Operators are received with the help of the Sender Receiver process located at Folders > Bot (v2.0) > Messengers > Sender. During the Bot Platform creating, this process is automatically connected to the Receiving messages from Bot Platform Sender event.

Operators in Sender are discussed in the Creating a New Company in Sender section.


NPS Survey

It is the /nps process located at Folders > Bot (v2.0) > Messengers > Sender > Chat > NPS.

This process is used for evaluation of chats with Operators. As soon as such a chat is completed, a bot asks, “The chat is over. Please, tell whether your issue was solved?” A user’s answer is sent to the Sender analytics Sender. There are a State Diagram and statistics Dashboard, like in the sample survey.


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