Copy the folder to company

Process template to copy to your account.

Example assumes that:

  • there's a process and dashboard in the copied folder

  • new folder, process and dashboard need to be renamed (for example, name it as a clinet)

  • Called process needs to return process id located in new folder е

Description of parameters

  • login - user login with API type
  • secret_key - user key with type of API**
  • copy_folder_id - copied folder id
  • company_id - company id, where folder should be copied.

If the folder's copy is needed in "MY COREZOID", value of company_id = null

  • to_folder_id - folder where another folder should be copied
  • folder_new_name - new folder name
  • dashboard_new_name - new dashboard name
  • process_new_name - new process name

folder_new_name, dashboard_new_name, process_new_name processes can be replaced by other parameters of current request.

For example,

"" -> ""

"" -> "Dashboard-"

"" -> "Process-"

** secret_key is required to be added in every node with Corezoid API calling:

Additionally -> Sign the request by secret key

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