Waiting for Callback logic
  • 11 May 2020
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Waiting for Callback logic

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Waiting for callback form external system.

Task goes to node and "freezes" for getting callback from external system or another process.


URL API callback


Corezoid (copy) - URL for getting callback specifically in this node

Mandrill (copy) - URL for getting callback from Mandrill (specifically in this node)

Path to task ID - input field for parameter name from request body which is contain the task_id

To modify task you need to send request (POST) to the callback URL which is copied from node.




This option gives a possibility to modify tasks synchronously. This option is enabled by default.

If you update task from external system with request to Callback URL and the task isn't in the current node you'll get an error task_not_in_current_sync_callback_node.

If option Synchronous is disabled and the task isn't in the current node, the request will be successful.

Alert when there is tasks queue

Critical amount of tasks in the node.

Learn more about how it works here.

Limit the time of the task in the node

Time interval value at which task will go further through process in case if task is not modified.

Learn more about how it works here.

It is required to specify limit so that applications do not hang in the node forever.

Modifying task

There are 3 variants of how data may be updated:

  • Manually from the interface
  • From another process with logic Modify or using API Corezoid "type":"modify", "obj":"task"
  • Request to Callback URL


To modify task from the interface:

  • Switch process to View mode.
  • Press button + New task.
  • Select mode Modify, enter task reference and new parameters.
  • Press Add task.


To modify task quickly from Task Archive there is a special button Modify.


Modify Task logic

Modifying task from another process with Modify Task logic:


You need to select process, enter task reference and add parameters.

API Corezoid

To modify task from external system make a modify request.


You can use "task_id" parameter instead of "ref".

Callback URL

To modify task from external system you can making request to Callback URL of the node.

Example of the request via Postman:


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