The Receiver Process for Apple Messages for Business/Viber/Telegram/Slack/Facebook
  • 20 Nov 2023
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The Receiver Process for Apple Messages for Business/Viber/Telegram/Slack/Facebook

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Article Summary

The Apple Messages for Business/Viber/Telegram/Slack/Facebook Receiver Process

The Viber Receiver, Telegram Receiver, Facebook Receiver, Apple Business Chat (ABC Receiver), Slack Receiver processes are located in the corresponding messenger folders in Projects > Stages > Communications Orchestrator > Messengers > {{Messenger Name}}.


These processes are work starting points of each bot: a messenger Webhook connects to the same-messenger-name Receiver process during Communications Orchestrator creation.

The Receiver processes do the following:

  • Receive events (messages and files sent, buttons clicked, links followed, etc.) from users.
  • Convert received data to the unified standard data structure:
    • channel - the message channel. Available options: telegram, facebook, viber,abc.
    • chat_id - identifier of a chat, user, etc.
    • event - event type.
    • message - message object.
  • Forward the converted data to the Main process.

If you want to attach another bot to an existing project in Communications Orchestrator, you need to connect a webhook of this bot to the corresponding Receiver process manually:

  1. Click the corresponding {{Messenger Name}} Receiver process and then click View details.

Comm Orch-view details.png

  1. In the {{Messenger Name}} Receiver pane displayed on the right, go to the Webhook tab.

Comm Orch-connect to messenger.png

  1. Click the Connect to messenger button. The Connect to messenger dialog box appears.

connect to messenger.png

  1. Click the corresponding messenger button. A blank text box field appears in the Connect to messenger dialog box.


  1. Enter an access token to the new bot in the text box field and then click –ěK.

  2. Update the token in the Tokens state diagram. The Task REF should have the token name.

Press the button Connect to the messenger, select the messenger and specify a new token to connect webhook to the process. Updating tokens in the [Tokens State Diagram] ( is also required. The request REF must be called token.

Comm Orch-Viber connect to messenger.png