Task archive
  • 03 Jun 2022
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Task archive

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To open Task archive switch to View mode and select node.


Archive mode


1 - View - select format for displaying data (JSON, Table)

2 - Refresh - refresh task archive

3 - Export to CSV - export tasks to CSV file

4 - Show node info - show node name and ID

5 - More actions - additional features:

  • Set scroll - switch the mode of scrolling task archive (↕ - vertical, ↔ - horizontal)
  • System Parameters - display of system parameters of the task
  • Delete tasks - delete all tasks from archive (except End: Success and End: Error).

6 - task content

7 - Copy to buffer - copying a task as JSON object to clipboard

Time for storage of tasks in a Process is limited by one calendar month with tasks being deleted on the first day of each month.
However, final node counters are saved and accumulated all the time.

For the long-term storage and work with tasks should be used State diagram.

System Parameters

When System parameters is enabled, the extended system information about the task is displayed:


1 - task ID (a unique value across the system)

2 - task reference (a unique value in current process)

3 - date and time of creation the task

4 - date and time of change the task

5 - status of the task (created or processed)

6 - user ID (who modified the task last time)

7 - previous node ID

Statistics mode

Display statistic incoming and outgoing requests of the node for the selected period or in real-time.


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