Task archive
  • Updated on 17 Oct 2019
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Task archive

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To open Task archive switch to View mode and select node.


Archive mode


1 - View - select format for displaying data (JSON, Table)

2 - Refresh - refresh task archive

3 - Export to CSV - export tasks to CSV file

4 - Show node info - show node name and ID

5 - More actions - additional features:

  • Set scroll - switch the mode of scrolling task archive (↕ - vertical, ↔ - horizontal)
  • System Parameters - display of system parameters of the task
  • Delete tasks - delete all tasks from archive (except End: Success and End: Error).

6 - task content

7 - Copy to buffer - copying a task as JSON object to clipboard

Time for storage of tasks in Process is limited (about a day).
But node counters are saving and accumulating all the time.

For the long-term storage and work with tasks should be used State diagram.

System Parameters

When System parameters is enabled, the extended system information about the task is displayed:


1 - task ID (a unique value across the system)

2 - task reference (a unique value in current process)

3 - date and time of creation the task

4 - date and time of change the task

5 - status of the task (created or processed)

6 - user ID (who modified the task last time)

7 - previous node ID

Statistics mode

Display statistic incoming and outgoing requests of the node for the selected period or in real-time.


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