Simulator 5.65
  • 12 Jun 2024
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Simulator 5.65

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Article summary

Release date: 2024-05-22

New Features

  1. You can create states by using the State markup functionality: selection zones that group graph actors and automatically create links between a state and the actors placed in one state on the layer. To create a state:

    1. On the needed layer, click the State markup icon state markup icon in the layer icon panel.
      state markup icon in the menu

    2. Hold Shift and select a rectangular area on the layer.

    3. Add new actors or drag existing actors to the state area so that they acquire the state.

    Connected actors in the Actors tab

    Each actor with the given state has the state actor connected and displayed in the Actors tab. The state actor has all the actors marked with this state connected and displayed there, too.

    Actor in the state Actors tabState Actors tab
    state in actor's actorsactors in state's actors
  2. In the Make transfer dialog, you can use search in the Account field.
    make transfer


  1. Header and footer can now be added to the one_column grid.
    one column grid

  2. The event calendar resizing is now available.

  3. A page with styles is loaded when the first query for style obtainment is fulfilled when several queries are sent.

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