Simulator 5.59
  • 08 May 2024
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Simulator 5.59

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Article Summary

Release date: 2024-05-03


  1. On the Actors bag page, you can sort the needed actor's data in ascending or descending order by any custom column.
    Descend order

  2. You can view the history of transactions related to changing actor's coordinates.
    Trans hist

  3. On the Transfers page, you can make transfers from and to multiple accounts and actors as one transfer:

    • On the sender accounts, the debit transaction is made.
    • On the recipient accounts, the credit transaction is made.

    Make trans form


You can generate an embed code for scripts to embed a script in the needed place on a page.


The Filter by form method has been improved: you can filter actor connections with other actors. For more information, go to Filter by form.

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