Simulator 5.45
  • 29 Mar 2024
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Simulator 5.45

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Article Summary

Release date: 2023-12-19


  1. Added the ability to resize panels on the Events page in the split view mode.

events split view panel resize.gif

  1. The left-side main menu was restructured to be more compact.

new left-side menu high.png

The documentation that was referred to in the now-removed Resources page is available via the links:

Simulator Public API:
Scripts specification:

  1. Added the focusMode=true GET parameter, which you can use together with the hideSidebar=true parameter for generating Events page URLs. You can use these parameters together in the following URL scheme:


environmentUrl - for example,
workspaceId - Workspace ID.

For more information, go to Settings.

With the focusMode=true, you can hide certain UI elements of the Events page, and current events open in the split view mode.

Normal viewHide sidebar+focus mode view
before focus high.pngafter focus high.png

We recommend using this parameter to generate a URL embedded in a script page to enable events functionality in this script without adding extra UI elements.


API methods for managing access rights were optimized.
For more information, go to Access Rules.

Fixed issues

API realtime operation in scripts was fixed.
For more information, go to Simulator Public API.

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