Simulator 5.44
  • 16 Feb 2024
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Simulator 5.44

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Article Summary

Release date: 2023-12-12


  1. In the Actor filter, you can filter actors by account balance:

    • Select an account and enter the needed values to the Balance from and Balance to fields.
    • (Optional) Select the needed sorting in the Sort by dropdown list.


    As a result, you can see the list of actors with the Account-Currency column displaying the selected account balances for actors.

  2. In the Edit Chart dialog, you can:

    • Customize the colors for your chart by entering the needed color codes.
    • Regenerate all colors by clicking the refresh icon next to the Color field to set random colors for each part of your chart.

    Note: The Use actors colors option has been removed.


  3. The calculation of balances in account trees has been optimized.


You can receive callbacks to the API KEY webhook on user switching between events in the event list using the Split view mode. This can be useful when the event list is embedded as an iframe in Scripts. Contact our technical support team to get help with configuring this feature.

Fixed issues

The unread message counter is not reset for events: Now, you can see the exact number of unread messages as you read new ones.

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