Simulator 5.40
  • 29 Nov 2023
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Simulator 5.40

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Article Summary

Release date: November 15, 2023


  1. Account trees and formula calculations are now performed asynchronously, and the derived balances are stored in the database.

    This improvement reduces system load when handling account balances generated by a tree or formula, enabling the utilization of these accounts on dashboards.
    To calculate balances, you can use either account tree or formulas, not both.

  2. The selection of an account-currency pair on graph layers was simplified by implementing a unified component that combines account and currency selection into one operation.


  3. Now all drop-down lists in the actor structure have an additional option to delete values, which provides more flexibility and data management control.

    drop-down delete.png

  4. The Export & Import functionality has been improved:

    • If the Export accounts with transactions and transfers checkbox is not selected, the accounts are exported and imported with 0 balance correspondingly.
    • The import of TransactionFilters and Dashboards actors has been refined, replacing the account-currency pairs with new ones during the import.

Fixed Issues

  1. Push notifications on new events and reactions within events have been improved in the browser. Notifications now have a consistent display, providing a universal look for both push notifications and internal notifications.
  2. The handling of user and actor tags in actor descriptions and reactions has been optimized.

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