Simulator 5.39
  • 15 Feb 2024
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Simulator 5.39

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Article summary

Release date: November 08, 2023

New Features

You can visualize connections between actors based on their transfer history. To view these connections, simply add actors to the layer and in the upper-right corner, select the account-currency pair:

  • The direction of the arrow shows the transfer source and recipient.
  • The captions on the arrow displays the total amount and number of transfers made.
  • The arrow thickness depends on the total transfers amount.



  1. In the actor’s change history, you can:

    • Quickly switch between the history periods by clicking the arrows next to the period

    • View the correct representation of changes when the actor’s data type is JSON

  2. On the dashboards:

    • You can specify the Y-Axis label for the Bar and Line charts in the Edit Chart form.

    • You can specify the number rounding method (decimal positions after comma) in the settings of the account-currency pair.

    • When resizing, the chart fits completely into the selected frame displaying the full legend, without the need to scroll and crop.

  3. For actors-images, a title is no longer displayed on a graph, only an image.

  4. PostgreSQL has been upgraded to version 15. Compatibility with lower PostgreSQL versions is not supported.


  1. For the public API, baseURL has been changed: Though the old baseURL will be supported for some time, we recommend changing the current baseUrl with the new one in your Processes as soon as possible.
    Note: This does not affect the clients who use In-House Simulator.Company versions.
  2. For the slider component, the Skill bar type has been added. For more information, go to Slider.


  1. For the Create transfer API method, the finance type has been added:

    • All the accounts with the finance from must be debit.
    • All the accounts with the finance to must be credit.
    • The amount must be positive for all accounts.

    For more information, go to Create transfer.

  2. The Create transaction method has been improved: the addValues and delValues parameters have been added to the String and Actor ID account types. For more information, go to Create transaction.

Fixed Issues

  1. Calendar component: You can easily select the period in the calendar component throughout the system.
  2. Automatic snippet search: When entering first name characters in the Comment field, the list of snippets with corresponding names appears.

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