Release Notes 6.2
  • 15 Jun 2023
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Release Notes 6.2

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Article Summary

June 12, 2023

New features

The new variables feature has been added. Variables are Stage objects in which you can store data in RAW and JSON formats. In this version, after a variable is created, the data stored in it will not be displayed. We will add the ability to allow variable data viewing in future versions.
Variables enable you to store certificates and use them in API Call nodes by calling a variable by ID or short name.

Stages to create variables in

You can create variables in non-immutable Stages of your projects

Variables can be used in the “Sign the request with the secret key” and “Sign the request by certificate” fields of API Call nodes.
For getting data stored in variables in RAW and JSON formats, you can use the following constructions:


You can retrieve data stored in JSON format in variables using nested structures. For example, you can use the following structures for fetching data from arrays or objects:


To create a variable, browse to any non-immutable stage in your project, go to the Variables folder, and click Create:

var creation.gif

You can view selected variable info and copy its short name. You can also delete a variable:

var info view and delete.gif