Release Notes 5.8
  • 17 May 2022
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Release Notes 5.8

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November 19, 2021

The following changes will be implemented in Corezoid 5.9:

End of support

  • domain - starting from December 1, 2021;
  • Old version of Git Call logic and its server support.
    After the 5.9 version release, all the Git Call old version nodes will cease operation. Please, transfer your nodes to new Git Call;
  • Old template for URL links to objects.


  • Content-type headers will be added to all back end server responses.


New Features:

  1. API Call
    The new {{}} construction was added to the API Call node. This construction allows you to get the entire task payload and use it as a variable.

  2. Corezoid API, Sync API
    For Corezoid API, the ability to create tasks to processes and state diagrams using linked aliases was added. To create tasks, you can use both a company alias and a stage alias (see methods for aliases in companies and stages).
    A similar feature was added for the Sync API.



  1. Changes to the settings of an object owner and ownership are now saved by clicking the Save button.

  2. Added the ability to select a Queue node in the list inside a Get from queue node, with an alias selected in the menu:


  1. Added the ability to delete aliases by pressing the Del button on the keyboard when working with the list of aliases.

  2. Added the ability to perform group deleting operations on aliases in a company:


  1. Added the ability to open processes by clicking on the corresponding alias in the process editor.

  2. Updated the confirmation window of aliases deletion (in companies and stages) - now it displays the number of selected elements.

  3. In the aliases and processes selection window, in the Aliases tab, the aliases, to which linked process the user does not have rights on are displayed to the user, but not available for selection:



  1. Added node_id validation when deleting a task.

  2. Added company_id parameter check for “link obj” and “create invite” requests.

  3. The get_counter: true parameter was removed from the “list conv” request and the counter value is now returned in every response to the request.

  4. Fixed the bug with incorrect display of the object counter when loading CSV.

  5. Fixed the bug that caused not displaying of dates of dashboards creation and modification when opening or creating dashboards.

  6. Fixed the bug due to which, after uploading a folder containing a process, the process id value specified in the second construction of {{conv [id] .ref [ref] .key}}, which was added using the "and" operator, is not updated.

  7. Fixed the bug, which triggered the “modify conv” request sending when copying data from a process title / description.

  8. Fixed the bug with not saving changes when copying a node name in a process and pasting the name using the right mouse button.

  9. Fixed the bug, which caused not saving the specified POST request method in a node with the API Call logic after changing the request format from the “default” (GET method) to RAW.

  10. Fixed the bug that caused displaying of the list of a Project Stages instead of the contents of the folder that was uploaded to the Stage when opening the folder in the Upload master.

  11. Fixed the bug with incorrect display of names of process nodes with the Set parameter and Condition logics in dashboard metrics.

  12. Fixed the bug with not displaying all file columns in the "Import from csv" window if the file contains more than 100 columns and empty columns.

  13. Fixed the bug, which caused not saving a new parameter added to an API Call node in a process. In the API Call node with the “Request format:Raw”, after switching from Parameters to the Header parameters section and adding a new parameter there via the Code editor, the new parameter was not saved.

  14. Added the display of additional data on API keys and user groups in the search field. Now the search results for the found groups display the "Owner name" of the group, and login for the API key:


  1. Fixed the bug with not displaying the type of a new parameter added to a process when switching to the Debug mode.

Private Cloud and On-premises Hosting type

Include all the features/improvements/fixes of and:

New Features:


  1. The application:get_env(conveyor_api_multipart, api_throughput_tasks)parameter for limiting csv files downloading for a user was added to the config:



  1. Added the ability to authorize users in Corezoid using the SAML v2.0 protocol through third-party providers. The authorization using the SAML protocol and the display of login icons on the authorization page can be configured independently for each provider:



Basic authentication

  1. Added support for basic user authentication for clusters of the ElasticSearch service, which is used for the system search.

Handling and logging of critical security actions

  1. Enhanced the event logging using the system process to better capture and track protection operations. This allows for more explicit logging performed in the system process of such system events as user log in and out, changing the password, and unsuccessful login attempt.

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