Release Notes 5.7.0
  • 07 Oct 2021
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Release Notes 5.7.0

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15 Jul 2021

New Features

  1. Projects.
    Project is a new type of Corezoid object that allows you to organize work on Processes. In the Projects, you can create separate virtual environments (Stages) as well as organize versioning of Corezoid Processes.

    The capability of working with folders in the Company root folder remains, however, we recommend transferring these objects to Projects.

    Read our documentation for more details on Projects.

  2. Stages.
    Stage is an isolated virtual environment for working on Processes within the Project. Using Stages, you can configure and maintain continuous development and deployment of Processes.

    When creating a new Project, a new stage named “production” is created automatically, you can create other stages on your own.

  3. Versions.
    Version is a snapshot of Corezoid objects implementation of a certain Stage. It is used for transferring Project objects between Stages and Instances.

    Read our documentation for more details on Versions and their use.

    Aliases at the Stage level were added. Such Aliases are linked to objects of a specific Stage and can’t be linked to root folders of Companies or other Stages.

    See more info on using such Aliases in the article.


The support of Company level Aliases will be deprecated in future versions. We recommend using Projects for organizing your Processes.

  1. The encryption of signing the requests to Corezoid API using the SHA224, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512 algorithms was added.

    The required encryption algorithm must be specified in the conv-signature-algorithm request header or as conv_signature_algorithm URL GET-parameter. The allowed values: sha (or sha1), sha224, sha256, sha384 and sha512.


  1. In Corezoid API v2 methods the following changes were made:
  • The project_id parameter was removed from the list:history method response;
  • The is_found parameter was removed from the show:api_key method response;
  • The project_id, stage_id parameters were added to the list:folder, list:conv and list:dashboard methods response;
  1. The sending of notifications to all the group users was added when sharing objects within the group;

  2. The method of displaying object import progress was changed: the completion percentage is shown instead of downloaded/in progress objects ratio;

  3. When entering an Alias in the Process field of Call Process / Copy Task / Modify Task nodes, the Input parameters of the Process linked to the specified Alias are filled in automatically;

  4. Error description (description response parameter) for Corezoid API was improved.


  1. Fixed the unwanted deletion of object-related actions from the user activity log when deleting the object from the Trash;

  2. The bug in displaying an Aliases conflict list, which could result in failure of Processes and linked Aliases import, was fixed.

Private Cloud and On-premises Hosting type

Include all the features/improvements/fixes of and:

New Features:

  1. Metrics collection for Prometheus (worker, http-worker, multipart, CAPI) was added:
  • API requests broken down by type, obj, proc.
  • HTTP requests by method, status code
  • Users count: total and by type
  • Instance folders count
  • Instance Processes count: total, by conv and state
  • Instance Nodes count: total, and by type
  • Instance Dashboards count
  • Instance Companies count


Autoscaling algorithm for http-worker was improved. Previously, in case of a rapid increase of memory consumption by the http-worker, during the scaling, some Tasks might get stuck in Nodes.


  1. Fixed the bug of an API key deletion resulting in deletion of the user group, which was created using this API key;

  2. The “modify_fail” queue (previously named “”) was renamed and the new message-ttl (60,000 milliseconds by default) and max-length (100,000 messages by default) policies were added. Now the queue is much less prone to cluttering.

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