Release Notes
  • 22 Feb 2021
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Release Notes

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22 Feb 2021

New Features

Additions for the Git Call v2 node:

  • Java code support (see code examples)
  • Ability to build code from a branch or tag
  • Support of private repositories cloning via the SSH protocol (tested on Github, Gitlab and Bitbucket; also works with other Git-servers with SSH protocol)


  1. Incorrect title of the Parent Conv ID system parameter in the UI: Parrent Conv ID -> Parent Conv ID
  2. Improved the Code node stability.

Private Cloud and On-premises Hosting types

Include all the features/improvements/fixes of


03 Feb 2021

New Features:

  1. Added a Reset Counter button to the final nodes. It can be useful when working with statistics of final nodes on dashboards. For example, to regularly clear the counter in End:Error nodes (removing statistics once a day) or to clear the counter before transferring the process to production mode (removing debugging statistics):


  1. Added the task system parameters copy_conv_id, copy_ref_id and copy_node_id, indicating the parent process, the reference and the Copy Task node ID that led to its creation:
  2. Added the Parent Conv ID system parameter of the task, which displays the identifier of the process that generated the task (available for requests created from Call Process, Copy Task and Modify Task nodes):


  1. Added an error when trying to use a construction {{conv[].ref[].key}} as a parameter key in the Set Parameter node::
    { "conveyor_set_param_return_description": "Param: {{conv[].ref[]}}, Error: Syntax error - bad array", "conveyor_set_param_return_type_error": "software", "conveyor_set_param_return_type_tag": "set_param_wrong_create_obj" }
  2. For Corezoid API modify:chart method added a handler for passing the series[].conv_id parameter as a string - now it can be passed both as number and string

Private Cloud and On-premises Hosting type

Include all the features/improvements/fixes of

New Features:

1.Added parameter api_call_send_sys to the SuperAdmin application, which is responsible for the default value of the Send system parameters checkbox for new API Call nodes
2. Added Corezoid API methods to get the log of user's actions. More details in the Corezoid API documentation


  1. For multitenant environments we have added a new Description field for specifying the company description
  2. For multitenant environments added ability to edit company name and description,
  3. For multitenant environments we added the ability to delete companies
  4. Added parameter worker_write_history_task to the SuperAdmin application, which is responsible for complete disabling the task history storing in the final nodes and the database


09 Dec 2020

New Features:

  1. Added a new DB Call logic - allows you to set up a connection to the database and perform queries to it. Supported MySQL (tested on MySQL 5.7), Microsoft SQL Server (tested on MS SQL Server 2017) and PostgreSQL (tested on PostgreSQL v12) instances.
  2. Added authorization with Apple ID - use your Apple account to sign to Corezoid:


Private Cloud and On-premises Hosting type

Include all the features/improvements/fixes of


01 Dec 2020

New Features:

  1. Added the Git Call v2 node with:
  • support of JavaScript, Python, Go and PHP languages;
  • builted-in JavaScript libraries - crypto-js (@4.0.0), dateutils (@0.5.1), moment-timezone (@0.5.28), moment(@2.24.0), axios (@0.19.2);
  • сhanged node setting - to apply the changes in the node you need to Build it and then deploy process, the executable code can be stored in a repository, etc.

Starting Corezoid 5.5.0, only the new version of the Git Call v2 node can be added in the process editor interface, while the nodes of the old version will be displayed and supported until 01 Mar 2021. More information about all the changes in the Git Call node in the documentation.


  1. Corrected display of object import progress on Upload Master pop-up.
  2. Fixed an error of processing requests to SyncAPI with the Accept: application/json header.
  3. Removed the encoding of Get-parameters in the Call API node specified in the URL field.
  4. Removed the ability to get tasks from Queue nodes of non-active (paused, debugging or blocked) processes.


  1. Starting 01 Jan 2021, by default Corezoid will not save Tasks in final nodes. This option can be enabled in the final node's settings by the user.
  1. After making changes in the Git Call node settings and the process deployment, the code starts in the "cold start" mode - new tasks can be processed from 15 seconds (depending on the complexity of the code).
  2. If there are no new tasks in the Git Call node for the last 10 minutes, the code in the Git Call node will be stopped. It will be started in the cold start mode on next task passed.
  3. When importing tasks from a .csv file with unchecked option "Parameters names are in first row" the first row of the file will be processed as a task.
  1. In the nearest versions of Corezoid in Waiting for Callback nodes Mandrill callback URL's support will be deprecated.

Private Cloud and On-premises Hosting type

Include all the features/improvements/fixes of and:


  1. Increased stability of the Tasks Import and Export service.


04 Nov 2020


  1. Added the ability to import and export objects with linked aliases:

import-export aliases

For more details see Aliases.

  1. Added transfer of request headers (Headers) to processes via SyncAPI - they will be stored in the parameter {{__headers}}.

Private Cloud and On-premises Hosting type

Include all the features/improvements/fixes of and:


  1. Added the ability to host Single Account application on the same domain as Corezoid - by default, the paths is ... / account.


21 Oct 2020

New Features:

  1. Added “Save task archive” option to final nodes, that allows you to automatically delete all tasks. By default, it’s turned on.

task archive


  1. The following changes applied in the Corezoid API v2 methods:
  • for all methods the response was changed when sending the request with {"ops":["]} or {"ops":[1]} - "description": "Incorrect ops";
  • changed the response in the confirm:commit method for the deleted process - "description": "Couldn't find conveyor";
  • changed the response in the method modify:node when passing incorrect values in the array "position" - "description": "Value is not valid";
  • changed the response in the method show:sys_stat when passing the parameters "start" and "end" as string - "description": "Value is not valid";
  • changed the response in the method show:stat when calling without the parameter "interval" - "description": "interval field is missing";
  • changed the response in the method monitor_list:chart with an empty array "settings" - "description": "Value '{[]}' is not valid. The type of value is not 'list'";
  • in the destroy:{{{obj_type}} method added the handler of the string value of the parameter "obj_id";


  1. Fixed bug of displaying the values of node counters and path of Tasks in the View mode.
  2. Removed the ability to insert copied nodes Sum, API Call, Modify Task, GIT Call, Waiting for Callback, Call Process, Reply to Process and Get from Queue to the State Diagrams.
  3. Removed the ability to insert copied node Set State to the processes.

We removed the is_found parameter from response of the method show:api_key

Private Cloud and On-premises Hosting type

Include all the features/improvements/fixes of and:

New Features:

  1. Added parameter autosave_archive_tasks to the SuperAdmin application, which is responsible for the default value of the option of saving task archive in the final nodes:



1.Changed search in the Limits section - separated the search by users/groups and API keys; added scope of search for account (search among all users), company (search among user company) and user (search among company users).


  1. Added ability to set limits on API keys


  1. Fix the possibility to bypass outgoing traffic blocking by IP address or URL via redirects.


01 Oct 2020


  1. Fixed autofill of an alias short name when searching for it in Process or Alias field with Call Process, Copy Task and Modify Task nodes.


30 Sept 2020

New Features

  1. Aliases. Now you can give the process a symbolic name (short name) and use it instead of a numeric (ID). For example: 12345 -> send-email.

    Aliases will simplify the migration of processes between environments and companies, as well as help organize the versioning process.

    If Alias is assigned to a process, its name can be used instead of process ID in Call Process, Copy Task and Modify Task nodes, as well as when creating tasks in the process by Direct URL.

An example of access to Alias via Direct URL:

Aliases also works in Corezoid API methods, for example, to create a task send a request:

    "ops": [
            "type": "create",
            "obj": "task",
            "obj_alias": "sms-sender",
            "ref": "1598950142_2",
            "data": {
                "version": "Corezoid 5.5.0"
            "company_id": "i320506142"

The CONV function also supports working with aliases - you can use the short name of an alias instead of its ID: {{conv[@send-email].ref[{{channel}}_{{chat_id}}]}}.

More details about setting up and working with aliases in the documentation.


  1. Added an alternative construction for getting tasks parameters from state diagrams - {{proc[].ref[].key}}.


  1. Fixed saving the edited description for Dashboards by clicking the Save button
  2. Fixed a bug due to which data was not always read from state diagrams using the conv[].ref[] construction when specifying the diagram identifier as a parameter, for example {{conv[{{conv_id}}].ref[]}}.

Private Cloud and On-premises Hosting type

Include all the features/improvements/fixes of and:

New Features:

  1. Added Limit Management API. Allows you to fine-tune the limits for:
  • Request per Second (RPS) at the instance, company, user and process level,
  • The minimum time interval setting for the tasks in the Delay node,
  • Maximum task size in the processes,
  • Maximum task size in the state diagrams

You can manage limits in the SuperAdmin application.


  1. We added storing of the full history of changes in the Task parameters when it passes between nodes. The write_data_to_history parameter of the worker config section is responsible for this.
  2. Now you can specify a separate database to store the Task archive, for this is responsible the HOST parameter in the pgsql_task_history config section.
  3. We added flexible configuration of the environment file system - works with AWS S3 and environment file storage (file_f3). The setting is done in the default_file_storage parameter.

Detailed instructions on how to work with the new config parameters will be attached to the manual for updating/installation of the version.


14 Aug 2020


  1. Improved the access management system at the company level when you inviting users to User Groups (there was a technical possibility to invite API keys that not belong to the company to User Group).
  2. Released a set of improvements that increase the security of interaction with Corezoid.

Private Cloud and On-premises Hosting type

Include all the features/improvements/fixes of


29 July 2020


  1. Improved the browser cookie serialization algorithm in cases when the user's email or login contains special characters.
  2. Fixed a cookie conflict error that could occur after a user log out.
  3. Added the conveyor not found error when creating tasks in processes that moved to the trash via API or Direct URL.

Private Cloud and On-premises Hosting type

Include all the features/improvements/fixes of


21 July 2020


  1. Added events tracking on the site for a better understanding of the use of the service.

Private Cloud and On-premises Hosting type

Include all the features/improvements/fixes of


20 July 2020


  1. Added a user profile page. You can change the displayed name and avatar, turn on the two-factor authentication, view your logins:

    You can reach the profile page from the menu:

  2. Added two-factor authentication (2FA). That’s an additional protection for your account against unauthorized access:

  3. Added the “Send feedback” button in Corezoid editor interface. Share your suggestions for Corezoid improvement or report problems directly from the process editor:

  4. Added support of ECC certificates for signing requests in the Call API node:


  1. Released the updated component for the Code node. This will improve the stability of the component due to the introduction of new garbage collection algorithms. Backward compatibility of your code saved.
  2. Increased the maximum length of a regular expression for input task parameters from 50 to 255 characters.
  3. Added the default handler for not_found_task and not_unical_ref errors in escalation logic of Modify task and Copy task nodes.
  4. Removed forced masking of three-, four- and sixteen-digit values in the task parameters.
  5. Security:
    • Added mandatory headers origin and referer. When sending POST requests to Corezoid API v2 that are not signed by the API key, you must pass the origin and referer headers. valid value - Example:
    curl -v -XPOST -d '{"ops":[{"id":"147", "title":"Corezoid", "description": null, "folder_id":11456, "company_id": "i7856235891", "obj":"conv", "type":"create", "obj_type":0, "conv_type":"process", "create_mode":"without_nodes", "status": "actived"}]}'  -H "Cookie:{single_account_cookie}; __Host_{single_account_cookie}" -H '' -H ''
    • Removed breadcrumbs in the folder list if the user does not have access to it. This will avoid tracking the structure of the folders of other users.

    • Removed the User not found error when you trying to reset the password ("Forgot my password"). This will prevent brute force class attacks


  1. Added an error user blocked, please contact support on opening the process of a blocked user.
  2. Removed the adding logic button on connecting lines in View mode.
  3. Removed the buttons for copying and deleting the start node.
  4. Fixed a bug that led to hiding the process name in the editor when the cursor over the start node.
  5. Fixed an error of loading archive tasks that could occur after switching the view mode.
  6. Added error handling for Key 'obj_type' is required or Key 'sort' is required when loading the file.
  7. Fixed a bug that caused the process to disappear from search results after it was blocked.
  8. Changed the text color in the additional information panel in the dark theme.
  9. Fxed a shift of column names when importing tasks from a file.
  10. Fixed opening link to the imported process in the Upload master panel.
  11. Fixed a hint for copying the link to the task button.


  1. Added limit on the simultaneous import of tasks from csv files to - now it is three or less files. When you try to import files over the limit, you will see an error:

We apologize for the inconvenience and ask you to repeat the import in a couple of minutes.

  1. Since the release of Corezoid 5.3, we’ve discontinued the support of the TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1. The current supported TLS version is 1.2.

  2. Since the release of Corezoid 5.3, we’ve finally discontinued the support of API method for copying objects. Please use instead.

Private Cloud and On-premises Hosting type

Include all the features/improvements/fixes of and:


  1. Added to the http-worker application config the blocked_domains parameter that allows you to block outgoing traffic by IP address or URL. You'll receive the 403 Forbidden code when trying to interact with them.


  1. Added to the application config the cookie_expr_time parameter, that allows you to set the lifetime of the user cookie. If the user has not performed actions in the Corezoid interface within the specified time, he will be logged out of the platform.
  2. Removed the OTP verification step when creating a new company with the flag {skip_otp, true} in the capi config.
  3. Restored access to all objects of the instance with View permission for the Servise_desk users group.
  4. Added search over the user’s ID, nick, and logins to the Shared session section of the SuperAdmin application.
  5. Added support for LDAP groups for authorization in Corezoid, allows you to configure access to an instance for users in a specific group.


  1. Fixed locks of tasks in State Diagrams and Get from Queue nodes, which could result from the crash of the worker component when the task was changed.


10 June 2020


  1. Added ability to see the Task parameters menu to users with the task management permissions

    Task parameters

  2. Added ability to copy parameter value in the node settings panel for users with the read-only permissions.


1.Fixed bug that cause disappearing of parameters in API Call node if you use RAW request format.

  1. Fixed error You do not have permission to view process when you open the invite link to the object from email.

  2. Corrected other minor UI errors.


01 June 2020


In the “Users & Groups” menu, added a list of groups where user is a member to the user's information panel.



  1. Added response Unsupported unicode control code when you trying to change the “title”, “description” or “src” attributes of nodes with the value \u0000 via the Corezoid API.
  2. Fixed no_signal error that could occur during autosave of invalid code in the Code node.

Private Cloud & On-premises


  1. Added the Shared session section to the SuperAdmin application, which allows you to log in to Corezoid as another user. This will allow you to troubleshoot user issues.


  1. Added the Components versions section to the SuperAdmin application, which displays the current versions of Corezoid components.


  1. Added the License section to the SuperAdmin application, which allows you to monitor the expiration date of the license, see current license limitations, and update license files by yourself.


  1. Added to the http-worker application config the blocked_domains parameter that allows you to block outgoing traffic by IP address or URL. You'll receive the 403 Forbidden response when trying to interact with blocked IP or URL from your instance.

We are discontinuing support for some browsers versions

Old browser versions might disable some features and cause navigation problems.
If you are not using a recent browser version we cannot guarantee the stability and functionality of the platform’s features.

The following is the list of browsers supported since Corezoid 5.2 release:

  • Google Chrome - 51 and newer (current 81)
  • Mozilla Firefox - 60 and newer (current 76)
  • Microsoft Edge - 16 and newer (current 81)
  • Apple Safari - 12 and newer (current 13)
  • Opera - 39 and newer (current 68)

Notice: since Corezoid 5.2 we are discontinuing support of all versions of the Microsoft Internet Explorer. Please, update your browser, it’s free :)

Notes to the next releases:

The Delay Node. Starting 1 Jul 2020, we’ll change a minimum time interval setting for the tasks in the Delay node (by default 2 sec), which cannot be bypassed with the $unixtime() function; reach out to us at if you need to set a smaller value for your processes to work.

The size of the task. Starting 1 Jul 2020, we’ll limit the maximum task size on to 128 KB. Be sure to email us at if you are processing larger tasks.


23 April 2020

Critical Change: Import/Export Object API

Starting from version 5.1.0 Import/Export Object API returns .zip files by default. To ensure backward compatibility, please add "format": "json" parameter to the body of the API request.


We’ve added option to import/export objects in .zip format. This will allow us to export all nested objects with saving their structure and optimize file sizes.

NOTE: We've ensured backward compatibility for importing/exporting - you still can import previously exported .json files and choose the file format (.zip/.json) to export.


  1. The vulnerability that allowed you to read the state diagram of another user through the Call API node without providing access was closed. Users who have used this vulnerability will receive an “access_denied” error.

  2. Fixed an “no_scheme” error when you tries to receive task data by {{conv[].ref[].key}} construction.

  3. Added exact statuses of the task (created, processing, delayed, processed, canceled, deleted) when try to get it through Corezoid API.

  4. Fixed an error of exporting tasks reference from the final nodes.

  5. Improved stability of the object owner change function.

  6. Added search of a dashboard by its ID when adding metrics to a dashboard.


  7. Fixed an error of changing the subscription on

  8. Added a response Value 'null' is not valid for key 'raw_body' when trying to replace the raw_body attribute of the “API Call” node with an empty value via Corezoid API v1.

  9. Added a response "task not found" when trying to delete a nonexistent task via Corezoid API v1 and v2.

Notes to the next releases:

The Delay Node. Starting 1 Jul 2020, we’ll change a minimum time interval setting for the tasks in the Delay node (by default 2 sec), which cannot be bypassed with the $unixtime() function; reach out to us at if you need to set a smaller value for your processes to work.

The size of the task. Starting 1 Jul 2020, we’ll limit the maximum task size on to 128 KB. Be sure to email us at if you are processing larger tasks.


15 Jan 2020


  1. We’ve added ability to encrypt data when processing and storing tasks. Encryption feature will be enabled by default for all clients and is available for configuration for clients with Private Cloud and On-premises hosting types.

  2. Added the Conf Agent application to change basic configuration settings in the web interface and track changes history. Available for hosting types: Private Cloud and On-premises.


  1. Now when deploying Corezoid in the AWS environment, you can manage access to AWS services using roles rather than access keys. Available only for hosting type: Private Cloud - AWS.

  2. Removed the requirement to wrap the body of the request with the tag <doc></doc> when uploading tasks in XML-format - this will allow for direct integration with services that send webhooks in XML-format.

  3. Changed the approach to providing access to the process by Direct URL - now you can use previously created API keys:


  4. Limited the number of objects displayed in the search results - now we display the first 30 objects corresponding to the entered query:


  5. Added display of spaces in the tasks reference parameter and ability to search for such tasks:



  1. Error during deploying the process with Erlang code in the Code node;
  2. Error when calling Sync API with disabled Send system parameters option
  3. Incorrect line number with an error when importing from .csv;
  4. Added headers parameter validation (check for Cyrillic characters);
  5. Empty search results after changing the current company in another browser window;
  6. Fixed the progress bar when you upload the files;
  7. Corrected hiding the add node panel when you try to add a node on the link between nodes;
  8. Error when going to the Trash menu with an opened information panel.

Notes to the next releases

  • Changes in downloading and importing objects. We move to the .zip format instead of .json with backward compatibility support for .json import. This means that you will be able to import previously downloaded objects from .json files, but all new objects will be downloaded in the .zip files.

  • The Delay Node. We plan to add a minimum time interval setting for the tasks in the Delay node (by default 2 sec), which cannot be bypassed with the $unixtime() function; write us at if you need to set a smaller value for your processes to work.

  • The size of the task. We plan to limit the maximum task size in to 128 KB. Be sure to email us at if you are processing larger tasks.

Note: Changes are planned:
In v 4.3 (tentatively - August 7, 2019), a string with JSON data will not be perceived as a JSON object if, when working with data, access to its properties is implied.

For example, from a string with JSON data

       "obj":"{\"key\":\"value\"}" // type String

It will not be possible to get the value of the key ({{obj.key}}) parameter or process it.

  1. In v5.0, the request URL to Corezoid API for copying objects will be changed:

    Old URL:

    New URL:
    "ops": [
        "type": "create",
        "obj": "obj_copy",
        "obj_type": "folder",
        "obj_id": {{copy_folder_id}},
        "folder_id": {{to_folder_id}},
        "title": "{{folder_new_name}}",
        "company_id": "{{company_id}}"


16 July 2019


  1. Added Facebook and GitHub authorization as an option:


Note for the next releases

  1. In v5.0 string with JSON-data won’t be accepted as JSON-object, if you call object properties, while working with data.

    For example, from the string with JSON data
       "obj":"{\"key\":\"value\"}" // String

it won’t be possible to get the value of the parameter key ({{obj.key}}) or process this parameter.

  1. In v5.0 we stop the support of the request of Corezoid API for copying objects:
      "ops": [
          "type": "create",
          "obj": "obj_copy",
          "obj_type": "folder",
          "obj_id": {{copy_folder_id}},
          "folder_id": {{to_folder_id}},
          "title": "{{folder_new_name}}",
          "company_id": "{{company_id}}"
    Please, replace the URL to the following:


09 July 2019


  1. We added check-box to setup notification rules in Sharing settings section. Notifications are switched on by default. In order to switch off e-mail notifications about changes in the access to Corezoid objects, please use the check-box “Send notification about updates by email”.



  1. Error in object positioning when the process is moved using Move to… feature with a creation of a new folder.

  2. Error in recovery of nodes after using Undo function multiple times.

  3. Display of the message Undeployed version loaded after copying or uploading from file.


  4. Screening of special symbols in JSON object in API Call when request format is changed from Default to Raw with parameters type Array and Object.


    {"ops":"[{\"type\":\"list\",\"obj\":\"conv\",\"obj_id\":\"126979\",\"get_counter\":false}]"} ```

And other boring bugs fixed :)


02 July 2019


  1. We optimized download and upload of the objects from file (Create → From file).

  2. We improved the work of Upload master:

    • display of the result of objects upload from the file:


    • detailed report on the upload errors: Show details


    • option to interrupt upload:


  3. We have added the feature of exporting tasks for the specified period to CSV file:



  1. Issue with the incorrect display of the object added to Favorites section after moving to another folder.

  2. Mismatch of data on the dashboard after selection of Previous month and Custom Range (same period).

  3. Incorrect work of Sign In\Sign Up on Corezoid Marketplace.

  4. We have added information about application, that requests access to the account:


  5. And other minor boring bugs :)


22 May 2019


  1. We added the possibility to specify data type for every parameter, when you do task import from CSV file:


  2. In the Task parameters section we’ve added the button, that allows to move parameter from one tab to another:


  3. In the Code logic we’ve added th support of libraries moment-timezone.js and sha512.js.


require("libs/moment-timezone.js"); = moment().tz('Europe/Kiev').format("DD-MM-YYYY HH:mm:ss");

data.sha512 = CryptoJS.SHA512("test").toString();


  1. We’ve fixed the bug, that allowed to move parameters from one tab to another without using the Save button.
  2. We’ve fixed the error with the proper display of the Task parameters tab in Safari browser.
  3. We’ve fixed the error with an empty list of nodes in the Get from Queue logic, if there are more than 30 nodes in the selected process.


May 14 2019


  1. Folders in the Workspace are now sorted in alphabetical order by default.


  2. In Customize response parameters block of API Call node we’ve added the possibility to specify key (name) of the parameter in a dynamic way.

    Example: {{param}}


    After API call, the task will contain a new object with a name {{param}}, meaning the value of param parameter:


Important! The name of the parameter (key) will be formed according to those parameters of the task, that existed before the API call. Parameters, that were received after API call, will not be substituted automatically. If the specified parameter is missing from the task or it has an empty value before the API call, then the name of the parameter will also contain an empty value.

  1. In API Call node we’ve added a new format for the requests (Request format) – Raw. In the Сode editor tab, you can now specify as request body data in the following formats: string, number, array, object

    Example of the request body with an array:


    Example of Corezoid API request with a dynamic substitution of the parameter name:


    Now a part of the request in XML format can be substituted with a help of dynamic parameter, the value of which will be taken from the body of the task:



    { "program": "<program><loadname>APP1LMD1</loadname><pgmname>APP1PGM1</pgmname></program>" }

    Also in the Code editor we support the conversion of values to string, number, object, array using the following expressions:





    In order to convert the string parameter "str": "{\"obj\": {\"key\": \"value\"}}" into object, the expression will be the following: $.to_object({{str}})

  2. We’ve added new features to Task Parameters menu:

    • bulk operations: move, copy, delete selected parameters;
    • automatic check for the presence of identical parameters names.



  1. We’ve fixed the issue with a wrong API Call behavior. In a case, when API returned empty array, parameter _conveyor_api_array_ wasn’t displayed properly in the task body.

  2. Log out function didn’t work properly in the Dashboard view mode.

  3. E-mail address to which we send a letter with instructions for password recovery wasn’t displayed properly.


  4. We’ve fixed the bug with adding a new node using "+" control.

  5. We’ve fixed the bug with expiration of the direct link to the process, when users logged in without authorisation.

  6. Minor boring bugs fixed as well :)


April 24 2019


  1. New design of the registration landing page and single sign-on for all accounts of Middleware software. This new approach will allow Corezoid users to get access to all Middleware products depending on the business needs.


  2. We have added visualization to the process of a new password validation.


  3. We have added text highlighted to display long names of folders and processes:


  4. For those clients, who are using Corezoid dedicated environments, we created the feature of transferring objects from user to user globally within the system.

  5. We have added a new version of the Bot Platform (v 2.0) – a set of universal Corezoid processes, that let manage bots in the most popular messengers:

    • Facebook Messenger;
    • Viber;
    • Telegram.

We recommend all users to switch to a new version of the Bot Platform. Starting from 01.06.2019 we plan to cease the support of the old Bot Platform v. 1.0.

You can create universal business-processes, that can be accessed to all the messengers, instead of designing business-logic separately for every messenger:



  1. Sorting data and moving metrics when selecting the Table chart view mode in Dashboard menu.
  2. We've fixed the bug with rounding the value of the float number (floating point number). Rounding of float number will be done up to 6 symbols after comma.
  3. We've fixed the bugs with with moment.js in Usercode.


April 03 2019


  1. We improved processes search experience, when users search by part of the process name. Now instead of 20 items you can see 30 processes names in the drop-down list. If there’s more than 30 variants of processes names in the search results, user will be recommended to repeat the search better specifying the name of the process.


  2. Google reCaptcha was added to the authorisation page and displayed when user enters invalid password for 5 times:



  1. We have fixed the issue with the speed of upload of large files.We accelerated the creation of processes from a file. Now json folder structure loads much faster.

  2. We’ve fixed the issue with access sharing for the group owner. When members of the group share objects, the access is granted for the group owner as well.

  3. We’ve fixed the issue with debug mode, when users view the history of the task in the final node after successfully executing the request (TypeError: Cannot read property toString of null)

  4. We’ve fixed the issue with a display of “Throw exception” input field. Now when users widen Reply to Process field, the field “Throw exception” widens as well:


  5. We’ve updated the display of the Git Call data in terminal. Now terminal saves the state of the latest build. When user makes any changes into dependencies, the “build” indicator will be active until user starts assembling the build. The rebuild function was also added to rewrite a dependency if it was updated in Git.

  6. We’ve fixed the bug with tasks upload in the View mode of the node.



  1. Added new logic GIT Call. Now you could build additional logic for tasks processing with using external libraries. More information about using GIT Call you could read in documentation.
    Example with using moment library from GitHub:


  2. Now CONV function allows you to get any inclusions of the task parameters from State Diagram, also array elements.



  3. Added UUID и Crypto support in Erlang language in logic Code.


  1. Increased input field for error message (check-box Throw exception) in logic Reply to Process.
  2. Bug with connecting accounts Corezoid and Sender after creating company in Sender.
  3. Bug with reading tasks from the deleted state diagram.
  4. Bug with checking rights for Copy task/Modify task/Call Process after moving object from/to shared folder.
  5. Incorrect work of logic Condition when checking conditions for an empty object or array.



  • Added file upload master. Now you can observe status of download:



  • Fixed validation of email with using letters in different registers. While adding email with letters in different registers - email would be reduced to lower case.
  • Fixed error in incorrect download tasks in csv file from processes.



  • If there are any errors in the process after creating from file - it would be loaded in state Paused. To Deploy this process, you must fix all errors.
  • Now you can use construction:

    to specify a value in logics API Call and Sender Action:



  • Displaying of metrics from deleted processes on dashboard.
  • Access to the object for group owner when sharing for the User group.
  • Validation of required input parameters when copying tasks to the process using logics.
  • Validation of data type for input parameters when copying tasks to the process using logics or loading via Direct url.



  • Now you can search processes and state diagrams:
    • by ID;
    • by name;
    • by URL which is used in API Call logic;
    • by node ID.

  • The same search is available in Process field for logics Copy task, Modify task, Call Process, Get from queue.

  • Now deleted objects are stored in the Trash for 90 days. After 90 days deleted objects from Trash will be deleted forever.

  • In Sharing settings you can search users:

    • by login
    • by email
    • by phone
  • Now you can get full task (object with all task parameters) using construction:


  • Now you can cancel masking values of two-dimensional array specifying it as in Task Parameters:



  • Displaying of tooltip with cropped user code from logic Code in Edit and View mode.



  • Corezoid interface now includes the option to switch on a dark mode:




  • Users and API keys can only be deleted by the owner of the company

  • If there is no access rights to the process which is specified in the logics, an error is displayed and it contains Account ID and email of process owner:


  • In case you need to change process owner and the process calls other one without access rights an error is displayed. This error contains process ID and it's owner Account ID and email:


  • If the process is created from a file or by copying and there are some errors of Deploy in it, process' status will be paused.

  • Continue processing of the task after the process status returns to active.


  • If status of the process which is specified in logics Copy task, Modify task, Call Process, Get from queue is debug, paused or blocked an error "Only active process can be used" is displayed.
  • The name of the parameters can now contain the symbol ":" when added to Task parameters.



  • Task from Task archive can now be expanded to see in Code editor.



  • Offset of connecting line between nodes after node renaming
  • Some fixes to work correctly in Mozilla Firefox:
    • displaying of long object names in Workspace;
    • displaying of long groups and api keys names in Users&Groups;
    • displaying of Delete button in Sharing settings window;
    • incorrect moving of multiple objects to folder.



  • Displaying error text "called process doesn't found", when deleted process or process from other company is specified in logic.


  • The response to the request "type":"create","obj":"obj_copy" now contains old and new object identifiers (obj_id) of nested objects


  • Incorrect date (e.g., "03.04.2018 24:67:31") as a result of arithmetic operations with the arguments in the function $.date()
  • Displaying Deploy button when you switch Edit ↔ View without without changing the process
  • Missing node identifier right after the creation
  • User group search in Sharing settings, if user is added to someone's group
  • Error "not_found_main_node" when copying tasks to the process which was created from file and has no deployed version (before Deploy new tasks will stop at the start node)
  • The ability to copy or create from file process with logics Sender Form and Sender Action in My Corezoid.



  • Now you can cancel delete action by pressing the button undo. In the Trash, when you restore objects, you can use buttons:
    • locate - go to the folder with the restored object
    • undo recovery
      Now ask for confirmation when you click Delete forever button
  • The response to the request "type":"create","obj":"obj_copy" contains old and new object identifiers (obj_id)
  • The window for selecting key and value in the logics was updated:
    To select a key, the window is called Select parameter and selection is available from the tabs:
  • When adding a user in the Sharing settings the View access is automatically checked.


  • Adding a description of parameters from the Task archive without escaping ('\') special characters in the name.
  • When the node was deleted, the tasks in it were not deleted
  • Search for a user in the Sharing settings, if you just paste the e-mail
  • No error when copying a process, in which there is a node with the logic Code without filling code
  • No error when trying to copy a deleted folder
  • Displaying the value of the parameter of Boolean type in the Code editor as false if it is not set by a constant (e.g., {{param}}).
  • The occurrence of errors "Value 'null' is not valid for key 'err_node_id'” и “Value 'null' is not allowed for key 'err_node_id'” after the recovery of escalation nodes
  • Masking values in the array (even after the parameter description) if it has the form like:
      "arr": [
    To cancel masking specify it as follows:




  • Changeover to SSL TLS protocol version 1.2. Check your APIs.


  • An error occurred while selecting the archive in the statistics of the Custom range period for more than a month


  • Adding parameters via Add parameter in logics.



  • Window Task Parameters now is divided for parameters tabs Input, Local and Output. Also added buttons Copy and Paste for parameters value.


  • The button for creating escalation nodes was moved from the settings panel to the error notification:


  • Design updates:

    • the offset of focus when switching mode Edit ↔ View was fixed
    • new buttons History and Info in Edit mode of process



  • Incorrect selection of the company when copying objects via the Make a copy
  • Empty task reference after specifying the reference from the last column during the import from CSV
  • When you add a node by clicking on the logics panel, the logic settings panel opens immediately
  • Displaying value false (Boolean) instead of 0 (Number) in Table display mode of Task Archive
  • Rare cases of error in 1 second when using functions $.date() and `$.unixtime() in logics several times, e.g.:
     "start": "$.date(%y%m%d%h%i%s)",
     "stop": "$.date(%y%m%d%h%i%s)"



  • New design and features of Task parameters:

    • added new tab - Code Editor (in order to copy parameters in JSON format between processes)
    • button + Add parameter is now placed under the parameters
    • new buttons Save (save all changes) and Cancel (close without saving)
    • button + Add parameter can now add multiple empty fields for new parameters
    • Description now is optional field
    • Checkbox Output was deleted
  • Activity Monitor tab improvements:

    • charts' size and location can now be changed
    • displaying preloaders after settings for the statistic have been changed
    • dynamic charts are resizing when the browser window is changing size
  • Saving focus and zoom when switching mode Edit ↔ View. After opening or reloading the page focus moves to the start node


  • Improved the selection of the range in Custom range (dashboards, nodes and process statistics):

    • ability to enter manually hours and minutes
    • the default time for Start is 00:00 and for End is 23:59.

  • URL API callback in the node with logic Waiting for Callback can now be copied directly after creation (before pressing Deploy)



  • Display an error on the node after it has been fixed
  • The absence of the object after moving it through the folders via Drag'n'Drop without reloading page



  • Save focus (zoom and coordinates) when switching between EditViewEdit modes


  • Added hot keys in Edit, View and Debug modes:

    • Delete selected nodes - backspace/delete
    • Copy selected nodes - Ctrl + c
    • Insert nodes - Ctrl + v
    • Deploy process - Ctrl + s
    • Undo - Ctrl + z
    • Redo - Ctrl + y
    • Collapse/expand node - Ctrl + m
    • Select all nodes - Ctrl + a
    • Full-screen mode F10 (tabs View/Edit with focus on the canvas)
    • Switch to the tab View - Ctrl+Shift+W
    • Switch to the tab Edit - Ctrl+Shift+E
    • Switch to the tab Debug - Ctrl+Shift+D
  • Added possibility to send all parameters Send to all in logic Call Process


  • Implemented the ability to remove a selection from one node with multiple selection


  • Added Account ID


  • History module updated and added new statuses


  • Display a list of errors with links to nodes. When you click on an error in the list, a node with an error opens



  • Fixed response format from the service in NVP format from numeric to string



  • Unmasking the task reference with checkbox Mask REF in process parameters:


  • Array name (without index) and key name can now be specified in process parameters to disable masking key values for a whole array: arr[].key

  • Option for displaying task system parameters:


  • Task system parameters can now be selected for export to CSV:


  • When you add a new node, the edit panel is automatically opened, the focus is on the title field (button Delete doesn't delete node).


  • Incorrect display of several charts of the dashboard when the window is resized. Now the charts are moved down and scrolling is available
  • The availability of the Modify and Delete buttons in Task archive, if user has only View access rights
  • The opportunity to Deploy process after downloading from a file if it has links to processes from other company
  • Closing the information panel when page with processes is refreshed
  • Parameter with escaping square brackets can now be specified in value

For example:
Parameter name contains square brackets: "task[update][date]": "04.12.2017

To get this parameter value escape square brackets with a backslash:




  • Updated Corezoid interface:
    • tabs of the environment were renamed as follows: Monitor → Activity Monitor, Files → Workspace, Users → Users & Groups)
    • on tab Users&Groups, in section Users/API keys, all users/API keys are displayed including those that belong to the groups (when deleted from the list, they are also deleted from the group)
    • the drop-down list for selection a company (and creating) is a separate block and is common to all tabs
    • displaying the folder tree with processes


  • Nested objects and array elements can now be declared in process parameters with enabled check-box Auto-clear. If parameter name contains a full stop, you must escape it with a backslash.


  • The name of the parameters can now contain the symbols "#", "@"

  • When the node is copied, the focus moves to the copy and the editing panel opens for the new node

  • Parameter URL in API Call logic is now validated: a value which starts with http or https is allowed, and it could be set dynamically by task parameters.

  • New request format for API Corezoid "type":"list","obj":"company_users". Requests "type":"list","obj":"company_members" and "type":"list","obj":"groups_users" are not supported.


  • No Modify button for the task, if it was found by ref/id search

  • No processes in Favorites panel (Edit mode) if the process is in the company


  • Error when a float number for a value of a Number type parameter was entered in Add task

  • Access error with process in folder, in case only the folder is shared

  • The opportunity to Deploy process after downloading from a file if it has links to non-existent processes



  • New calendar for specifying Custom Range for dashboards, for data display in tab "Monitor" and for node Statistics


  • Symbol "." can now be used in parameter name, you only need to put a backslash "\" previous to it.
    For example, to make a condition for parameter "" (not object "ab" with property "new") it'll look like this:



  • Error "Process not found" while searching in the logics (Copy task, Modify task, etc.) by the name of the process and it's in shared folder
  • No error when deleted object id added to favorites
  • Displaying old name of Start node after renaming
  • Problems with displaying the new entered password in the recovery procedure



  • Clicking the Modify button in the Task Archive now opens Add new panel with the task params for editing:


  • Dashboard for adding linked chart can now be searched by name:


  • One time export for a preset period of time now can't exceed 50 000 tasks.


  • Masking of three-digit numbers when the parameter is declared in Task Parameters
  • Incorrect displaying of Start and End nodes after double-click in View mode



  • In case of errors of import from CSV user can now get error reports in email.
  • Task import from CSV can now be canceled:


User will receive email and report with tasks which are not imported.

  • A preset period of time for export to CSV can now be specified:


  • In case of an error "_conveyor_api_return_description_": "no_scheme" in logic API Call task now goes to final node.

  • Button Clear values is now added for clearing parameter values when adding task:


  • Request "type":"modify","obj":"node" in API Corezoid now can't change node type.


  • Clearing parameters of a previously added task via Add Task
  • Incorrect display of the drop-down list for switching the parameter name to reference in import from CSV
  • Incorrect display of Custom range for Statistics mode in Task Archive
  • Inactive button "Add task" when adding required input parameters via Code editor
  • Displaying objects from My Corezoid in tree view for new company without folders



  • Secret key in logic API Call settings now can be specified by dynamic key:


  • New parameter http_res_code (HTTP status code) is now added to the answer when flag Debug info is enabled in API Call settings:



  • Error loading from CSV file in Windows-1251 encoding
  • An empty response when calling a process using Call Process in Keys mode with the enabled flag Throw exception
  • Incorrect processing of JSON standard RFC 7159 in logic API Call
  • Displaying task parameter of String type as a Number type, if it contains a number



  • Function selection was added to specify value for param:


  • Custom range of task export to CSV now can be filled with the number of tasks in node by default

  • System parameter with source information (IP address, filename) can now be added after import from CSV


  • Option "Sort automatically" ("sort" = true|false) was added in settings of Funnel chart in dashboards. Enabling it allows to sort metrics automatically in descending order.


  • Display the active button Add task if the required process parameters are not filled in
  • Incorrect display of long task reference in Task Archive for horizontal scrolling
  • Display empty metrics name on dashboard if node doesn't have a custom name



  • Processes which are specified in logics Reply to Process, Copy task, Modify task can now be opened from View mode


  • Nodes with logic Code can now be copied with content

  • Nodes which are specified in logic Condition can now be selected

  • User code can now be formatted in Code editor of logic Code


  • In Corezoid API v2 Parameter conv_id was renamed to obj_id in requests with "type":"list" and "type":"modify":

    {"ops":[{"obj_id":<conv_id>, "type":"modify", "obj":"conv_params", "params":[...]}]}
    {"ops":[{"obj_id":<conv_id>, "type":"list", "obj":"conv_params", ...}]}


  • Fixed incorrect operation of logic Modify task with enabled option Synchronous callback
  • Fixed errors in XML conversion



  • Node to go from minimized node (only exit) now can be specified by clicking +.

  • Escalation nodes now can be created if they are missed or accidentally deleted


  • The condition for the transition to the node now can be displayed in tooltips when user hovers mouse over the link arc in View mode

  • The escalation node of logic Modify Tasknow contains new condition for "duplicate_callback"

  • Node (or set of nodes) now can be minimized/maximized using hotkey "ctrl+m" ( cmd+m")

  • Logic Waiting for callback now contains new option Synchronous (is_sync = true) for checking modified task. Enable this option is checking - whether current node is appropriated to the specified CallbackURL (not in other node with another callback)

  • When you create BotPlatform a link to documentation is shown.



  • CallbackURL of node now can be received using structure
  • Module for import/export tasks in CSV files
  • DirectURL of processes from folder specified in logics now can be automatically changed while creating folder from file
  • New interface for dashboard
  • Validation during the construction of the logic through Corezoid API v2 (logic “go” always going after main logic “API, RPC, etc... )
  • Parameter X-Corezoid-TaskID (= task_id of current task) now can be transmitted in request header using logic API Call for calling third-party API
  • New version of BotPlatform processes with new features:
    • functionality for operator connection
    • process template Сommand Lang for setting Bot's communication language
    • state diagram Texts with tasks for specification of buttons in Viber, Telegram, Facebook
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