• 21 Dec 2023
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By creating a Process, you can:

  • Configure the needed workflow for your business logic
  • Check the way it works step by step on a visual space
  • Add, edit, or remove any workflow when needed

For more information on working with Processes, refer to the following chapters:

Create Process

To create a Process:

  1. On the Workspace tab, click Create, and then in the dropdown list, click Process.
    Process in the list

  2. In the Create process dialog that opens, enter a Process name and description (optional), and then click OK.
    Create process dialog

  3. (Optional) On the created Process page that opens, click the Start node:

    1. Modify the node name and add a description.
    2. Enter or create an API key.
    3. Select the needed URL (Copy webhook via JSON, Copy webhook via XML, Copy webhook via NVP), and then click Connect to messenger.
      Note: The Direct URL for tasks upload checkbox is selected by default, you can clear it if needed.
    4. In the Connect to messenger dialog that appears, select the needed messenger, enter a token, and then click OK.
      Note: Currently, Telegram, Viber, Apple Business Messages, and Facebook and Google Messengers are supported; Line is supported partially.

    Start settings

  4. (Optional) On the created Process page that opens, click the Final node:

    1. Modify the node name and add a description.
    2. In Basic settings, click the Success or Error radio button.
    3. In Options, clear the Save task in an archive checkbox if needed.

    End settings

  5. In the upper-left corner of the page, click Deploy.
    Created Process1


    If you have any errors during the Process creation, the warning icon Warning icon shows the error number in a red dot in the upper-right corner of the page. Click the warning icon to view error details.
    Info icon on panel

The new Process has been created, and now you can:

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