Nodes and logic
  • 23 Jul 2020
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Nodes and logic

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Every Corezoid process is made of nodes.

Every node contains its uniqe logic.

Tasks move through the procces from node to node, following specified logic.


Logic name Description
Delay Time interval (delay), at which task will go further through the process, also specified critical amount of tasks in node - task limit
Condition Going by the condition. Possible conditions =, !=, <, >, regex
API Call External API call with parameters
Waiting for Callback Waiting for reply by request from external system
Code Possibility to realize an additional task processing logic with one of the languages (JavaScript, Erlang)
Copy task Copy task in a different process
Modify task Updating task in a different process
Call Process Call unique process
Reply to Process Reply to universal process call
Sum Sum of the amount by a certain task filed
Set Parameter Set the parameter / modifying parameters value in the task
Set State Set State Implementation of storage logic и and task state distribution
Queue Implementation of queue logic
Get from Queue Received tasks from the queue
End: Success End node that contains successful process tasks
End: Error End node that contains tasks with process errors
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