Import from file
  • Updated on 17 Oct 2019
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Import from file

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Press Import from CSV in View mode.

Click on Select a file and select CSV file on disk.


  • Divider - column separators
  • Encoding - file encoding

Press Next.

Please note! If you've chosen wrong delimiter in the previous step, table contents will not be divided into columns. Press Back and select correct delimiter.

Enable option "Parameters names are in first row" if the first row of your file contains parameter names.
If this option is disabled new tasks will be added with parameter names "key1", "key2", …

To specify task reference:

  • in advance, include the field to the file
  • click on this parameter name
  • replace it with Reference
  • press Import


Message with the result of loading data from a file contains the number of tasks:

Success - loaded into the process

Error - not loaded due to an error

from - total in file

In case of import errors you get CSV file with errors description.
Fix errors and try to repeat import.

File Requirements

File format - CSV (a simple file format used to store tabular data).

Allowed delimiters:

  • ,
  • ;
  • |

The first row of the file is the parameter names.

The columns under the parameter names are their values.

1 row in file (except the first) = 1 task in process

The maximum number of rows - 100 000.

The parameter name cannot contain spaces.

The example of CSV file with three rows:

  • the first row contains parameters’ names
  • the other two rows - two future tasks with reference from column code


Task in the process after file was imported:


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