How to start with Apple Business Chat
  • 30 Jun 2020
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How to start with Apple Business Chat

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What is Business Chat and why should I integrate?

What is Business Chat and why should I integrate?

Business Chat will enable you to connect with customers directly from within Messages. By integrating your Corezoid account with Business Chat, you can interact with customers, respond to their questions, resolve issues and complete transactions from your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch through iMessage.

Business Chat capabilities

  • Send/Receive Message
    Provide a rich user experience to the customer by sending an interactive message.

  • List Picker
    Let the customer choose from a list of items by sending a list picker.

  • Time Picker
    Let the customer schedule an appointment by sending a time picker.

  • Apple Pay Payment Request
    Provide an easy and secure way for customers to buy goods and services through Business Chat using Apple Pay.

  • Message Attachments
    Receive and send file attachments.

  • Authentication Message
    Pass authentication data between your business and the customer's device.

How to setup a Business Chat account?

To setup a Business Chat account please follow the instruction below:

  1. Sign up at

  2. Click on Business Chat Accounts.
    Business chat accounts

  3. Click Add new button.
    Add New

  4. Click Get Started button.
    Get Started

Confirm Apple policy and click Next button.


Move to the next step and click Next button.


  1. Fill the fields whith company information and click Next button.

 Business Chat account information

  1. There are 2 types of accounts in Apple Business Chat: test and commercial. A test account is used at the integration and testing stage, and a commercial account is used for industrial use. We recommend starting with "Internal Test Account"

Internal Test account:

(You can use this for internal testing)

  1. Select Internal Test Account and give an Internal name to the account.

 Internal Test Account

  1. Here you can add contacts that Apple will automatically save for your registered account.


  1. Go to part Messaging Service Provider Configuration.
    Messaging Service Provider Configuration

Select in the drop-down list.

  1. At this step, you need to add users who can connect to your Apple Business Chat as testers.
    initiate messages and test

Click Add button and enter the Apple IDs of the user’s to which the test link has to be sent. These users will receive an URL using which they can initiate messages and test.

initiate messages and test2

  1. To configure Apple Pay, you should have a registered Merchant ID in your Apple developer’s account. Instructions for creating Apple Pay Merchant ID you can find here.

  2. After creating Apple Pay Merchant ID, add it to the field Apple Pay Merchant ID field and click Done.
    Apple developer’s account

Commercial account:

(Customer facing)

After you have tested the full functionality of your Apple Business Chat account and passed the QA session from Apple, you can start creating a commercial account.

  1. Select Commercial account
     Commercial Account

  2. At this step, you need to choose the contact person who will be responsible for the technical side of the integration, and the owner of the Apple Business Chat account. Usually this is the same person, but you can add any other user from the drop-down list.

initiate messages and test

  1. Select the number of Locations your business is present in (offices).


  • If you have an online business or simply do not have locations, select No public locations or an online business.
  • If you have only a head office or 1 store / branch, etc. - select One public location.
  • If you have many locations - select Two or more public locations.
  1. Choose as Customer Service Platform.
    customer service platform

  2. The next step is brand information.
    Brand information

Your Business Chat Account can be associated with only one brand.
Search for a brand by name.

If your company is associated with several brands, create a new brand card and filling required fields.

Brand card

  1. Setup your business hours.
     business hours

  2. You can configure the message header with a background color, your logo, and brand name.


Add logo.


Confirm the compliance:

 Logo apruv

Download the file and customize the colors.


Confirm the compliance:

 Background apruv

  1. Set Messaging Service Provider Configuration.
    Messaging Service Provider Configuration

Choose as Messaging Service Provider Configuration.

Messaging Service Provider Configuration

  1. You have successfully registered Commercial Account.
    If necessary, you can make changes or add information in the account settings.

Account settings

How to integrate with Corezoid?

Once your account is approved by Apple,

  1. Click on your Business chat account name.

  2. Under Messaging Service Provider section, select Test your Messaging Service Provider connection.

  3. Click Connect button.

  4. If you're an existing user, select one of your companies or create a new one to connect your Apple Business. If you're not Corezoid customer, create a new account and then create a new company to connect the Apple Business Chat account.

In case of having any issues, please contact us via email:

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