Getting value of task parameters
  • 20 Jan 2023
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Getting value of task parameters

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Getting values of task parameters

Using the CONV you can get the whole task from a State diagram:


or a parameter value from a task:


Using this construction you can also get parameters values from a task in a process by its Alias:

From process or final node data couldn't be read.


//returns whole task with REF = menu from diagram with ID = 123456 (you need to specify parameter type Object)


// returns parameter value amount from task with REF = qwerty diagram with ID = 123456


// returns value from task with REF = {{ref}} and diagramm with ID = {{diag_id}}


Using the CONV the following checks are performed:

  • ID of a State diagram, not the process is specified
  • state diagram is not deleted
  • there is an access to the specified State diagram
When processing floating point numbers, they will be rounded to the sixth decimal position

Error types

Here describes the errors that occur when using CONV in the Set Parameter logic.

Invalid parameter type or parameter in the specified task is missing

Parameter name Value
__conveyor_set_param_return_type_error__ software
__conveyor_set_param_return_type_tag__ set_param_wrong_convert_param
__conveyor_set_param_return_description__ Param:{{param}}, Value:{{value}}, Try convert to: {{type}}

There is no access to the specified state diagram

Parameter name Value
__conveyor_set_param_return_type_error__ software
__conveyor_set_param_return_type_tag__ access_denied
__conveyor_set_param_return_description__ Param: {{param}}, User: {{user_id}}, Conv_id: {{diag_id}}

Specified process ID or state diagram deleted

Parameter name Value
__conveyor_set_param_return_type_error__ software
__conveyor_set_param_return_type_tag__ access_refused
__conveyor_set_param_return_description__ Param: {{param}}, Conv_id: {{diag_id}} is not state type
When using CONV in other logics, only the name of the parameters is different, the values are the same.

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