Corezoid 6.5.3
  • 01 Mar 2024
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Corezoid 6.5.3

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Article Summary

Release date: [2024-02-28]

Fixed Issues

The issue with sorting tasks with the same creation time has been fixed.

Private Cloud and On-premises

New Features

  1. On the Auth Providers tab of the System Settings page in the Superadmin menu, the possibility to activate signing with a certificate and key for the SAML authentication provider has been added.


  1. You can specify the length of the user password history to prevent users from updating their passwords to the ones they’ve already used previously.
    To set the password history length, open the Settings tab of the System Settings page in the Superadmin menu and specify the needed length in the users_password_history_length parameter.



  1. The format of http_worker info logs was changed: the ConvId and TaskId parameters have been added.

  2. The sending of user blocking info has been added to the capi-user-activity-conv system process.

  3. On the System Settings page, now you can switch between dark and light UI themes by using the theme toggle.

Light themeDark theme
  1. On the Settings tab of the System Settings page, the navigation has been improved: you can see tags with the number of settings available for each tab (capi, settings, etc.).


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